How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Grofers

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Grofers

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Due to the rising demands and the shortage of time, the online grocery industry seems to be booming. Millions and millions of buyers rely on it regularly. Grofers is one such app that demands an online platform.

Cost to develop app like Grofers

Grofers is a mobile and web-based platform that allows the consumer to order groceries online. The employees of Grofers pick up the items from their warehouse and deliver the items to the respective consumers.

Instacart is a grocery delivery and pick-up service which allows the consumer to order groceries online in the United States and Canada.

Therefore, it is similar to Grofers. The only difference is that Grofers is an Indian Company. It is owned and managed by Grofers India Private Limited, whereas Instacart is an American company.

There are various grocery apps like Big Basket, Instacart, Grofers, Amazon Pantry. In general, an average grocery app development cost is in between $8k- $50k including grocery delivery website or app.

However, the cost to develop these apps depends on multiple factors. For example, what features you want to add on the application, the geographic area, UI-UX of the app, etc.

App Features-

The cost can increase with the increase in the app features. The more fancy your app is, the more effective and expensive it can get.

Platform Choice-

Your choice of the app will depend majorly on the platform of your choice. Right now, android is the most go-to platform, followed by IOS. The grocery delivery app runs smoothly o both IOS and Android.

Cost as Per Location-

A location that gives you easy access to app developers will help you get the service at fair prices.

Development Team Size-

The more number of app developers involved, the more expenses and the more cost of the grocery delivery app.

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Grocery Delivery App?**

The time to develop a grocery delivery app depends on various factors such as app functionality, testing, deployment and the experience of the developer. In general, the grocery app development might take between 500 to 700 hours.

Types Of Grocery Mobile Apps**

There are various kinds of grocery mobile apps. Choose the one which you think is best for your business.


this grocery app lists the various supermarkets in your neighbourhood. You can actually choose from where you want to place your order. After you have placed your order, this app then takes you through the payment process and confirms your order. You can then expect your groceries to reach at your doorstep anytime.

Grocery Chains-

Grocery chains like Walmart have their on-request delivery platform suitable for small-scale orders.

Grocery Delivery-

Grofers in India or Instacart is a good example of a grocery delivery mobile app. This platform offers same-day delivery, 99.3% on-time conveyance, etc. Developing a similar app might work well for a start-up in the grocery delivery space.

Grocery List App-

These kinds of apps let you build your grocery list sprucely. They track reminders of your expenses each month and issue reminders to you.

Key Features of a Grocery Delivery App

Below are some basic yet essential features of a grocery delivery app:

Sign up/ Sign in- This is the most basic yet essential feature to have on the app. It enables sign-up using email IDs/Phone numbers and passwords.

Choose Supermarket- It allows the selection of the supermarket from the list to check out the products available.

Location- Assists in providing the delivery location with a complete address.

Wish list- Allows the addition of products that the customer wants to buy later.

Buy- Selecting the available products and adding them to the cart.

Payment- Shows the selection of payment mode through different options.

Return and Cancel- Permits return or cancel of the placed order if the customer is not satisfied with the product or has a change of mind.

Rate and Review- Allows the users to rate and review the particular product.

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