How To Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages

How To Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages

Customer needs should be one of the primary considerations when designing a website or landing page. Travis Jamison explains why customer-centricity is so important and how you can apply it to almost every business decision that you make.

Customer needs should be one of the primary considerations when designing a website or landing page. In this article, Travis Jamison explains why customer-centricity is so important and how you can apply it to almost every business decision that you make.

Establishing whether there’s a market for a specific product takes a lot of time and effort. Through years of exposure to the nuances of a particular industry, experienced entrepreneurs develop a keen sense for noticing “gaps in the market,” be it for entirely new services or ways to improve on existing products.

Vision typically precedes plenty of legwork. Before securing financing — or pouring their own savings into developing a new product — smart businesses apply serious diligence into establishing product-market fit. They build a value proposition that resonates with their prospective customers. They find out how their competitors managed to build a customer base. They may even go so far as building prototypes and conducting focus groups to get some real data on product feasibility.

Essentially, companies understand the importance of knowing whether their new product has a good chance of being successful before going on the market. The relationship between customer needs and product offering is simply too obvious to ignore.

This begs the question:

“Why are customer needs overlooked in so many other aspects of running a successful business?”

Sure, some of an organization’s moving parts don’t relate directly to the product itself. Nor the customer, for that matter. One could argue that a company’s website doesn’t exist to directly serve the customer. It’s there to provide and obtain information that would contribute to an increase in awareness and revenue.

Why should we consider a customer’s needs when designing a website or landing pages? Does a customer even have needs in this context?

You bet they do!

And as the world of web design matures, the focus has started shifting to understanding what these needs are when it comes to designing the content that drives a sale.

Gone are self-indulgent product stories. Gone are irrelevant, questionable claims. Gone are interfaces that take more than three seconds to load. The era of customer-centric landing pages has dawned. And if your job involves being concerned with metrics like conversion, engagement, and bounce-rates, this is a post that you may want to sit straight up for.

Maintaining Consistency With Ad Copy And Landing Page Content

The needs that landing pages serve aren’t the same as the needs our products serve.

When thinking about creating any kind of customer-centric marketing material, we need to think about their needs outside of the context of the pain points our services will offer.

What we’re talking about here are meta-needs. Those that make their interaction with our landing pages engaging and convenient to the extent that it puts them in a mental and emotional state that’s more receptive to being sold something.

How do we do this? How do we subtly illustrate consideration for our landing page visitors’ needs?

A great way to start is to create consistency between the core message of the advert and the landing page content. If your ad guys are doing their jobs properly, an advert linked to a specific keyword search will hook a potential customer with content that is relevant to their search.

If this results in a click-through, your potential customer has already given you some pretty vital information: your ad copy speaks to their pain point. They believe the promise that your ad copy is making. They’re willing to start a journey with you.

This concept is called “Ad Scent,” and if you are not leveraging this information on your landing page, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

MarketingSherpa reports that just under 50% of digital marketers understand the importance of a thread between ad copy and landing page, and create a landing page unique to each ad campaign.

Sure, the overhead sounds like a headache, but it’s not rocket science. If you promise something in your ad copy, expand on that promise on your landing page. And not by simply repeating the ad copy using different terms. You’ve already conveyed a core message that speaks to a visitor’s needs. They get it. You sell something they want.

Now is the time to provide them with information and prompts that link their needs to the action you want them to take.

A great example of this is online retailer BangGood. After Googling “Cheap retro reading glasses,” you’re shown a sponsored ad reading: “Buy Cheap reading glasses retro round” and “$100 All Categories Coupon For New Users, Coupon Deals & Unbeatable Deals Every Day.”

Clicking through to this page takes you directly to a product catalog that’s been filtered by our search term. There’s no need to click through multiple categories and subcategories to find the style you want. Plus, highly visible “discount” labels clearly show you how much you’d be saving on each of the products if you make a purchase right away.

displaying discount amount on landing pages

Image source: (Large preview)

This brings us to another interesting concept behind creating engaging landing pages that optimize conversion: urgency.

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