How to use top-level programs in C# 9

How to use top-level programs in C# 9

Take advantage of the new top-level statements in C# 9.0 to eliminate boilerplate code and make your programs more readable, maintainable, and efficient.

When writing programs in the C## programming language, you invariably need to write a lot of boilerplate code — even for simple console applications. Imagine that you want to write some code to test whether a library or an API is functioning properly. You might write a console application to accomplish this, but you’re nonetheless constrained to follow standard C## semantics. You must write your code inside the Main method.

Top-level programs, a new concept introduced in C## 9.0, allow you to write code for simple programs sans the need to write boilerplate code. Top-level programs are a great new feature that allows you to write cleaner, shorter, and simpler code. You can take advantage of top-level programs to explore new ideas. This article discusses how you can work with top-level programs in C## 9.0.

To work with the code examples provided in this article, you should have Visual Studio 2019 installed in your system. If you don’t already have a copy, you can download Visual Studio 2019 here. Note that C## 9.0 is available in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9 Preview 1 or later, and in the .NET 5.0 SDK.C# 9

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Introducing C# 9: Top-level programs

C# 9 introduces a super fun feature: Top-level programs. What’s a Top-level program ? This is a simpler way to write your program on its top level: a simpler Program.cs file Before C# 9 and with C# 9 In your main program you have been able to write whatever you want, for example: async calls (obviously) accessing args (obviously) local functions (obviously again !)

C# 9.0: Top-level Statements

C# 9.0 introduces many new language features, and with this blog post I start a little series to look at some of those new features. Let’s start in this post with top-level statements. When you create a new Console application with C#, you get a lot of boilerplate code. Below you see the code of a new app with the name ThomasClaudiusHuber.ConsoleApp.

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Some details about the Top Level Program in C# 9

After launching .NET 5 and C# 9, I was utterly obsessed with the Top Level Program (a.k.a. TLP) feature. TLP delivers quick and fast prototyping for the .NET application and makes the most immediate entries for my work.