Multi-restaurant online ordering system that will help you earn more

Multi-restaurant online ordering system that will help you earn more

HyperLocal Cloud

Multi-restaurant online ordering system launch seems difficult and expensive. Ultimately, the system must manage dozens or hundreds of locations while being user-friendly for both customers and chain employees.

The Hyperlocal Cloud online food ordering system allows your restaurant chain to start selling online without major growth, maintenance, and update costs. All you have to do is pay a small monthly membership fee.

Concurrently, you can start selling on the restaurant website and your own mobile app, which is also adapted to the requirements of a multi-restaurant online ordering system. So, what are the possibilities of hyperlocal cloud systems for multi-location restaurants?

Improved customer ordering experience

This is great, but what would customers benefit from such a solution? Customers can place orders more easily with the multi-restaurant online ordering system.

  • They can order restaurant food with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • When a customer visits your restaurant's website or downloads a mobile app to order, they will see a list of locations. They will see the option after clicking on the place of their choice. It is as easy as that.
  • Introducing an online food ordering system in multi-location restaurants while cultivating a loyal customer base is a great way to increase sales and income.

Why Use a multi-restaurant Online Ordering System?

If you use the multi-restaurant online food ordering system, customers can find it very easy to order food from your restaurant. The user can place orders from the nearest restaurant branch based on location. So, using this approach, you can increase sales in your restaurant.

Sell more thanks to marketing tools

Many marketing techniques are also available through restaurant online ordering system. You can use them on one side or on all sites in a series as you feel appropriate.

Loyalty programs

Create advanced promos, launch loyalty programs, and offer special offers to your customers. You decide where, how, and how long they will be valid.

This will enable you to establish relationships between sales throughout the chain or at specific locations. You can promote promotional activity in low-selling restaurants and schedule occasional promotions in high-selling locations.

No More Commissions

Do you know how GrubHub, Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, and other similar sites work and earn? Each order placed through their site is subject to a 20% - 30% fee. You can avoid losing this money by creating a multi-restaurant online ordering system.

Manage Everything via the Touch of Technology:

When you create a multi-restaurant online ordering system, you don't have to worry about managing inventory, stocks, orders, and bills. The software's admin panel will allow you to manage everything properly.

Where You Can Utilize the Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System?

The multi-restaurant online ordering system can be used for any food-related business. This may include perishable foods such as frozen yogurt or pizza, on-demand foods such as donuts.

If you want to develop a complete ordering system for your restaurant, here are some ideas:

Best Part

Instead of making it from scratch, you can use an online food ordering app. This will also save you a lot of time and money. Such methods are easy to integrate and do not require too much attention. To use the software you only have to pay a monthly or annual fee.

Offers and Coupons for Customers to Avail

The multi-restaurant online food delivery system uses features such as deals and coupons. As a result, by offering deals and coupons to beginner and experienced customers, you can promote your restaurant chain and grow online.

You can use the database to connect your customers via push notifications and send them information about new dishes or deals. On the other hand, to boost restaurant sales, you can start an email marketing campaign to use any services available in the market.

This will increase the digital presence of your restaurant and result in more profit.

It is important to manage orders properly when running a restaurant's online food delivery system. Especially when there are lots of orders. Therefore, with the help of a multi-restaurant online ordering system, you can easily manage customer orders coming from all your restaurant chains.

Feature Highlights of a Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

  • Address Detection via GPS
  • Sales Analytics and Reports
  • Normal Order Subtleties (every day/week/month)
  • Client request/subtleties the board
  • Deals & Coupons
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Push Notifications

A multi-restaurant online ordering system included an admin panel, a restaurant website, and iOS and Android apps for users. Apps should also be easily accessible and allow login via email and social media accounts.

How Does Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System Works?

It works similarly to food ordering apps like Uber Eats or Zomato, however, in this case, all the restaurants listed are basically your own branches.

Instead of visiting your restaurant, customers can simply open your restaurant's app, choose their favorite dish and place their order.

The administrator will be contacted as soon as the order is received and can start preparing the order. When the order is completed, the delivery boy will pick it up and bring it to the user.


The 21st century is the technological era. As a result, if you do not allow people to find your restaurant chains online, you are losing out to your competitors. Creating a multi-restaurant food ordering system is the solution as it allows you to reach your target audience through desktop and mobile apps!

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