Add VueJS to preset snippet options

Add VueJS to preset snippet options

As the title says, I would like&nbsp;<code><a href="" target="_blank">vue</a></code>&nbsp;added to the preset libraries already present under the options portion:


As the title says, I would like vue added to the preset libraries already present under the options portion:

The following are links that can be used for this:[email protected][VERSION_NUMBER]/dist/vue.js

Example, the latest version being[email protected]/dist/vue.js


I often find myself answering Vue questions, but having to go and find the link to put into the external library dialogue. It makes answer questions that much more difficult, especially considering I want to be able to just select and go.

Vue is a major player in the front-end space now, and I believe it would be good to consider this. We have React and Angular, so why not Vue?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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