Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India

Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India

Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India. AI has become a most sought-after career opportunity for tech enthusiasts. Getting an education in AI requires a degree in computer science and equivalent streams, along with technical skills such as programming languages, data visualization and more.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have particularly taken the center-stage as more and more businesses realise the potential of these technologies. The soaring demand of AI in recent years has seen incredible uptake, creating more job opportunities in this space. According to the World Economic Forum’s report, AI-enabled automation will generate 133 million new jobs globally by 2022. In India, the demand for the AI talent pool has expedited in the last couple of years. This is largely credited to the government’s steps towards digitisation and the arrival of multinational companies in the country. Large companies are pouring huge capital to acquire skilled AI professionals, paying handsome salaries.

Here is the list of top artificial intelligence jobs companies are offering in October 2020.


Location: Pune

Job Role: AI Applications Product Support Engineer – WCE_EDI


Candidates for this position must be able to openly share ideas and communicate thoroughly and professionally in both verbal and written forms. They will be responsible for independently manage all customer communication channels, case management and customer communication. Applicants also require to coordinate between the customer, SaaS/internal teams, engineering, DevOps, ITOps teams, educate customers on IBM software and support best practices. They will require to understand the software requirements of the Client Desktop, and know how to determine and verify customer configurations.

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