Guide On Simple Order Form for WordPress in 2020 [WPForms]

Guide On Simple Order Form for WordPress in 2020 [WPForms]

Do you own a WordPress website and want to insert a simple order form on it to simply payment? Read this post on how you can use WPForms to add an order form.

The WPForms plugin works as a simple order form creator and combines with Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal payment. So you can build an order form in just minutes, with as much personalization as you want. You can also build an online order form that makes the order data from clients but lets you accept payments for the order later. This article will guide you on how to build simple order form online:

Building an Online Order Form in WordPress

Directly head over to WPForms and then Add New page to build your first form. Now, you will see the form origin screen. Write in a name for your form and pick a template. We suggest the Billing Order Form template. Just move your cursor over the template info and click on the Create a Billing or Order Form button. Your form will itself be built for you, and you will be taken a right into the WPForms form editor. Now you can edit your order form online in what so ever way you want. The distinct sections of the form are called fields. You can edit, add, or exclude fields on your form with just a single click. The default template already holds fields for most of the data you are likely to require, such as name, address, and phone number. However, you will require to list your genuine products. Go to the Available Items field to edit it. Write in the name and cost of each of the things that clients can order from you. The cost won’t display itself on the form, so you may need to add this into the item name. To add more choices, just click the (+) icon wherever you need to add the extra items. If you have various categories of choices, you may need to copy the field to form groups. You can copy and paste the Available Items field by going to the Copy icon that seems when you run your cursor over it or chosen. Make sure you edit the Label of the fields to something relevant to all groups, too. If you need clients to pick two or more choices within a single field, you will require to use a distinct kind of field. Go to the Add Fields tab, then move down to Payment Fields, where you will see a Checkbox Items field. You can drop and place this on your form. You can now make changes in that field as before, typing names and costs for your items. Clients can check as many items as they need to order.


Therefore, This article once again showed that WPForms is the simplest plugin for WordPress. You can create not only the Order Forms but also other essential forms. That too simply, fast, and without knowing any coding language. Several specialists worldwide advise WPForms is an excellent plugin for WordPress. If you mostly use WordPress, you can give the highest priority to WPForms. I hope this article aptly helped you. For more articles like this, visit our site.

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