Made an app, lets you find all your reddit saves (100% open source)

Made an app, lets you find all your reddit saves (100% open source)

Made an app, lets you find all your reddit saves (100% open source)

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So...3 months ago I started re-learning the basics of html/css/javascript. 2 months ago I made this todo app to learn react, and not long after I started this project to learn redux. I knew I didn't like the reddit saved page because what the hell, I can't even see all my saves, let alone try to find the 800th one. Other people must be kind of annoyed by that too, right? Well...someone should fix that right? Well...wait, can I do that? Hmm...I knew 3 git commands, my crown jewel was my todo app, and the reddit api docs looked like hieroglyphics. Err...well if I can just figure these docs out...

And now, a couple months later, you, me, everyone, can filter their saves at the blink of an eye. 80% of the source code for the app I didn't know how to write before I started...but I was eager to learn. is 100% open source, and I did my best to make the code easy to read. The web app works on all devices when accessed via Chrome or Firefox. It would be cool if safari was included, so if anyone is feeling generous and has an ios device check out the contributing part of the docs. Since I'll be job hunting soon, and I haven't built a portfolio website yet most of my time in the coming weeks will be spent on that. If there is any interest in this project after I do that I'll look into refining the app further. Next steps would be to add safari support, a jump to top button, and an unsave button.

Oh...and I guess I should say a few more things regarding the app... The All Saves tab is in chronological order of when you saved something, the same as normal reddit. The threads and comments tabs auto sort your saves by their subreddit in alphabetical order so you can quickly find things by scanning the page. In terms of the design it's pretty basic, and...I like it that way. is a place to just go and find your stuff quickly and I didn't want design to get in the way of functionality. The fade in on page load is partly to learn animations and partly to offset the perceived time it takes to fetch your saves from reddits api.


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