How Does an Angular Application Work?

How Does an Angular Application Work?

Have you been curious about what happens behind the scenes of an Angular app?

Do you wonder how an Angular application starts? Do you wonder about what happens behind the scenes? Dear reader, this article is for you!

The story starts from a file. Oh yeah, every angular application starts thanks to the angular.json. It’s not the application's entry door, but an Angular app starts thanks to this configuration file.

What’s the entry point?

If you are using an old version of Angular such as Angular 4 or 5, you’ll notice that you don’t have this file. Instead, you have angular-cli.json. No worries, it the same file! It just got renamed in the recent versions of Angular.

The angular.json contains all the configurations of the app. The Angular builder will look at this file to find the entry door of the application. Good, we found the entry ^^

Now, let’s dive in and see what this file contains. Here is an example of an angular.json example:

"build": {
  "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser",
  "options": {
    "outputPath": "dist/angular-starter",
    "index": "src/index.html",
    "main": "src/main.ts",
    "polyfills": "src/polyfills.ts",
    "tsConfig": "",
    "aot": false,
    "assets": [
    "styles": [

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