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Hire Backend Developers | Top Companies Hiring for Backend Developers

If you're looking for a Back-End Developer, then you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the top 10 companies where you can hire Back-End Developers. These firms are at the forefront of technology, and they offer competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Our list ranges from start-ups to established and well-respected tech companies, including IBM, Oracle, Intel, Microsoft MSFT, Amazon AMZN.

There's no better time to learn about these fantastic companies than now! Especially when you may be one of the thousands looking each day for a job in this field and not finding any luck. Give our list your consideration as it's highly likely that one of these employers will hire you tomorrow!

We collected this list by asking 10 of our industry's most respected experts where they would go to find a good back-end developer. To keep it interesting, we profiled companies in various sectors and sizes.

List of the Top 10 Backend Development Companies:

  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. KODE
  3. 8ninths
  4. MobiDev
  5. Magora
  6. Bottle Rocket
  7. Robusta
  8. Bytebrand Outsourcing AG
  9. Pairroxz Technologies
  10. Raster

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services offers front-end and backend services to create business-centric solutions that range from simple desktop applications to mobile web applications and complex enterprise solutions. Our Backend developers leverage proven methodologies and best practices delivering applications at a high velocity and empower businesses to innovate with robust, scalable and high-performance solutions. Our experienced backend programmer will add that dynamic factor to your website, and make it much faster and flexible.


We test our product decisions on focus groups; our art directors, which has a great amount of interface solutions, verify design; and architects with 10 years’ experience of industry commercial development project software. QA department has a huge set of test equipment and starts work with requirements testing, design verification for compliance with Apple and Google guidelines and finalizes with customer acceptance tests.

3. 8ninths

We design and build Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for enterprise applications. Using holographic data visualization, collaboration, and annotation, 8ninths augments existing workflows to solve complex problems and bring innovative advances across all industry verticals.

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Hire Backend Developers | Top Companies Hiring for Backend Developers

Hire Backend Developers India

Are you looking to hire experienced Backend Developers at a reasonable cost to boost-up your IT business?

Hire Backend Developers India and accomplish their business goals swiftly. Backend developers in are well versed in writing complex functional protocols. They also have exceptional hands-on experience in using the latest technologies that give you custom, secure, and strong backend layers for your website and applications.

Consult with experts:-

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Hire Dedicated Backend Developers

Want to create a backend for a web or mobile app using PHP & JS frameworks?

Hire Dedicated Backend Developers who offer end-to-end, robust, scalable, and innovative website solutions. technical analysts will also guide you on improving your web presence using their expertise. Also, we ensure your optimum level of freedom and control over your projects.

Let’s connect with our experts: Development Services

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Top VueJS App Development Company in USA

AppClues Infotech is the best & most reliable VueJS App Development Company in USA that builds high-quality and top-notch mobile apps with advanced methodology. The company is focused on providing innovative & technology-oriented solutions as per your specific business needs.

The organization’s VueJS developers have high experience and we have the capability of handling small to big projects. Being one of the leading mobile app development company in USA we are using the latest programming languages and technologies for their clients.

Key Elements:

· Total year of experience - 8+

· Employees Strength - 120+

· Hourly Rate - $25 – $45 / hr

· Location - New York, USA

· Successfully launched projects - 450+

VueJS Development Services by AppClues Infotech

· Custom VueJS Development

· Portal Development Solutions

· Web Application Development

· VueJS Plugin Development

· VueJS Ecommerce Development

· SPA (Single Page App) Development

· VueJS Migration

Why Hire VueJS Developers from AppClues Infotech?

· Agile & Adaptive Development

· 8+ Years of Average Experience

· 100% Transparency

· Guaranteed Bug-free VueJS Solution

· Flexible Engagement Models

· On-Time Project Delivery

· Immediate Technical Support

If you have any project ideas for VueJS app development then share your requirements with AppClues Infotech to get the best solution for your dream projects.

For more info:
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Top AngularJS App Development Company in USA & India

Looking for a top AngularJS App Development Company for your business? We At AppClues Infotech is one of the premier mobile app development company in USA & India that build innovative and exceptional AngularJS mobile app for startups and businesses.

We have a dedicated team of programmers and designers that help to create a successful mobile app as per your business ideas.

Hire Top AngularJS Developer & Get the best mobile app development Services from AppClues Infotech
• Custom AngularJS App Development Solution
• AngularJS QA and Testing
• AngularJS Cross-Platform Development
• AngularJS App Design & Development
• Support, Maintenance & Optimization

For more info:
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Hire Dedicated Vuejs Developers - Hire Vue.Js Development Company

The JavaScript framework that has grabbed the attention of New Age Website and App developers for its ease of developing interactive elements is the VueJS framework.

Want an elegant and interactive app for your business with VueJS?

Hire dedicated VueJS developers from WebClues Infotech as they have the knowledge, skills, and past experience in developing successful apps with the use of the VueJS framework. Also, do not worry much about the prices as they offer quite a flexible pricing structure and an option to choose the best suitable one for you.

Give your business the boost it needs with the mobile app development.

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