How Technical SEO Can Change the R and D Game for Businesses

 How Technical SEO Can Change the R and D Game for Businesses

The relationship between R and D and technical SEO can result in innovations that level the playing field between established businesses and ambitious startups.

R&D is a heavily resource-rich aspect of business that can also consume more time and energy in overcoming the challenges that they sought to overcome. It can also form a creativity drain that may even fail to produce any tangible results. However, R&D is an essential innovative tool in the development of new technologies, products, and market insights. 

Meanwhile, SEO operates largely in the realm of marketing where R&D influenced technologies like machine learning and AI are beginning to enjoy heavier levels of influence. In an industry still dominated by the financial might of traditional companies, the influence of technology in SEO can help to provide smaller businesses and startups with a fighting chance. 

Successful application of SEO can lead to lucrative levels of exposure for businesses, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that the use of AI to analyze search engine results pages and automated core algorithm updates are becoming more frequent within businesses. 

While technical SEO can aid the growth of companies on an exponential scale, keeping up with various mysterious Google algorithm changes and search query processing in Search Engine Optimisation calls for the level of development that’s offered up by R&D platforms. 

Developing Comprehensive SEO Research

Much of the research & development process within technical SEO is undertaken on an ad hoc basis by individuals. Thought pieces from individual search engine experiments are available all across the web where users have simply taken matters into their own hands and conducted their R&D projects

The emergence of web development tools like the developer extension for Google Chrome has paved the way for more intuitive technical tools that can aid programs in offering up entire site audits and metadata troubleshooting. 

Very few companies officially undertake their R&D work when it comes to SEO. This is because researching and developing technologies won’t immediately help to line the business’ balance sheet and there’s a risk that very little actionable insights will be available. 

However, the array of web developer tools available, from ScreamingFrog’s crawlers to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and everything in between, have given those conducting their R&D a solid foundation to build from in terms of SEO. 

In particular, the Structured Data Testing Tool from Google helps researchers to test Schema structured data markup against known data from that Google supports. This offers unparalleled insights into the quality of code being implemented.

Another excellent tool in the R&D process behind developing innovative technical SEO solutions can be found in the W3C Validator. While code validators might not seem like a seamless link to technical SEO, it’s imperative that information that’s been crafted in XHTML formats can be comfortably ported over to WordPress without any fundamental flaws. 

The wealth of information and big data available in the R&D process for building new SEO tools has already led to some useful pieces of software. Pave AI, notably, utilizes the data from Google Analytics and converts it into actionable marketing insights by integrating information from advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Adwords. By crossing a website’s data with over 16 million combinations to identify the best possible insights across a range of marketing channels. 

This has helped to create a steady stream of intuitive platforms when it comes to technical SEO, and although R&D investments carry no guarantees of success, it’s no surprise that research and development spending is continuing to increase exponentially among the biggest companies in the world. 

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However, there’s a reason behind why a whole host of major technology companies are willing to spend billions of dollars in their R&D departments: research & development is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your long term growth as a company through innovation. 

R&D helps businesses to actively explore technology, algorithms, or theoretical approaches to a problem without the threat of delivering a marketable service or product upon a deadline. 

Research & development helps to open businesses up to new ways of approaching things. If research shows a faster way of getting processes done, it can help the company to cut costs in significant areas. 

It’s also possible for R&D practices to bring a higher element of choice to businesses. This can be an invaluable asset when a company is presented with a complex problem to overcome. 

One of the more successful examples of implementing R&D into a technical SEO platform can be found in OnCrawl - a tool that actively invests in research & development in a bid to provide innovative insights into search engines ahead of their competitors. 

Website performance analysis tool Finteza has also successfully utilized R&D to build a leading audience analysis tool built on big data and advanced bot detectors. 

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The development of Finteza’s fake conversion detection system helps to further optimize the level of on-site SEO that a company undertakes, due to website owners gaining a greater understanding of where high-quality traffic and robot traffic are arriving from.

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