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Javascript Array Push method in detail

Javascript Array Push method in detail - arr.push() function is used to push one or more values into the array. This function changes the length of the array by the number of elements added to the array.

In this article, I am going to dive in the array push method in javascript. The array push() method adds a new element at the end of the array and returns the array with new length. For adding a new element at the beginning unshift() method is used.

** Arrays are just regular Objects**

In Javascript, there are mainly 6 data types - the primitives(number, string, boolean, null, undefined) and object (the reference type). Arrays do not belong to the list because they are objects as well.

The array items are nothing more than property of that object. We can use any name as property for an object, also numbers. At some case, if the property name is not a valid identifier, We can access it through obj[property].

Let’s understand the same with below example:

var obj = {
0: 'apple',
1: 'orange',
'color': 'red',
'': 'having blank key'
console.log(obj[0], obj[1], obj['color'], obj['']);

Declaring an Array

Below are the ways by which we can create an array in javascript.

using literal

var newArr = [1,2,3,4]

Using constructor

var newArray = new Array(1,2,3,4);

Declaring array using literal is the best way. the Array declared using constructor behaves differently if its only argument is a number.

Javascript Array Push Method

Have a look on the syntax below:


The above command adds the new element to the array at last position. This method is intentionally generic. This method can also be used with call() and apply().

Adding elements to an Array

let fruits = ['mango', 'orange'];
let fruits2 = fruits.push('apple');
console.log(fruits2); // will print ["mango", "orange", "apple"]

Merging two arrays

let fruits = ['apple', 'mango'];
const newFruits = ['banana', 'orange'];
Array.prototype.push.apply(fruits, newFruits);
console.log(fruits); // will output ["apple", "mango", "banana", "orange"]

Do not use the apply(), if the second array (newFruits in the example) is vast because the max number of arguments that one function can handle is limited in practice.

So, apply() will add the second array into the first array and we can see the combined array by returning the original array in our case it is fruits.

Add Multiple items in an Array

let fruits = ['apple', 'banana'];
fruits.push('mango', 'orange');
console.log(fruits); // will output ["apple", "banana", "mango", "orange"]

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and I hope this post will be very helpful for understanding the javascript Array push method.

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Javascript Array Push method in detail
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Terry Tremblay


Fill and Filter in Array in JavaScript

By the word Array methods, I mean the inbuilt array functions, which might be helpful for us in so many ways. So why not just explore and make use of them, to boost our productivity.

Let’s see them together one by one with some amazing examples.


The _fill()_ method changes all elements in an array to a static value, from a start index (default _0_) to an end index (default _array.length_). It returns the modified array.

In simple words, it’s gonna fill the elements of the array with whatever sets of params, you pass in it. Mostly we pass three params, each param stands with some meaning. The first param value: what value you want to fill, second value: start range of index(inclusive), and third value: end range of index(exclusive). Imagine you are going to apply this method on some date, so that how its gonna look like eg: array.fill(‘Some date’, start date, end date).

NOTE: Start range is inclusive and end range is exclusive.

Let’s understand this in the below example-

//declare array
var testArray = [2,4,6,8,10,12,14];


When you run this code, you gonna see all the elements of testArray will be replaced by 'A' like [“A”,"A","A","A","A","A","A"].

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Lowa Alice


JavaScript Arrays Tutorial. DO NOT MISS!!!

Learn JavaScript Arrays

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Tanya  Shields

Tanya Shields


Learn Arrays And Array Methods in JavaScript

In JavaScript, an array is a data structure that contains list of elements which store multiple values in a single variable. The strength of JavaScript arrays lies in the array methods. Array methods are functions built-in to JavaScript that we can apply to our arrays — Each method has a unique function that performs a change or calculation to our array and saves us from writing common functions from scratch.
In this video we are going to learn arrays and array methods like sort(), reverse(), join(), split(), pop(), push(), shift(), unshift(), toString(), delete array, etc…

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Coy Roberts


Javascript array push: How to Add Item in Javascript Array

Javascript array push() an inbuilt function that adds a new element at the end of an array and returns the new length of an array. The push() method modifies the length of the Array or collection. Arrays are kind of list objects whose prototype has methods to perform the mutation operations. Neither the length of a JavaScript array nor the types of its elements are fixed.

We can add new items in the Array using the following approach.

  1. Javascript array push() method is used to add items at the end of an array.
  2. Javascript array unshift() method is used to add items at the beginning of an array.
  3. Javascript array splice()  method is used to add elements within the Array.

So, in this example, we will see how we can perform javascript add to  array operation.

Understanding Javascript Array push()

Javascript array push() is an inbuilt method that can be used to append a  number,  string,  object, Array, or any value to the Array. JavaScript arrays are used to store multiple values in a single variable. An array data structure can hold many values under a single name, and you can access those values by referring to the index number.

Let us see the syntax of the Javascript Array push() method.

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Madilyn Kihn


Convert String To Array Using Javascript Split Method

The easiest approach to use javascript built-in method String.split().

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