Different Ways to Rename SQL Server Tables

Different Ways to Rename SQL Server Tables

This article explains how we can use the sp_rename stored procedure and SQL Server Management Studio to rename the SQL Server table. Different Ways to Rename SQL Server Tables.

One of the most critical database administrator’s duties is managing database objects. For instance, the application logic changes, and DBAs may need to change the database object names. This task is crucial because we must ensure that renaming won’t break the application.

I have recently been assigned a project where I had to rename a couple of tables. Here, I am going to explain how to rename an SQL Server table in several ways.

We can rename a table using:

  1. SQL Server management studio.
  2. The sp_rename stored procedure.

Also, I am going to cover potential errors that can occur after renaming tables and the necessary precautions. This article is demo-oriented, so I have created the following objects on the SQL Server instance:

  1. The database named StudentDB.
  2. Two tables named tblSchool and tblStudent.
  3. A foreign key between tblSchool and tblStudent. The tblSchool is a parent table, and tblStudent is a child table.
  4. A stored procedure named sp_getStudents.
  5. A view named vwStudents.

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