React-native Project for Lemonilo Test as React-native Engineer

React-native Project for Lemonilo Test as React-native Engineer

Bryn React Native Project Template (Cloned and edit from Ajhoel Template) React-native Project for Lemonilo Test as React-native Engineer

Bryn React Native Project Template (Cloned and edit from Ajhoel Template)

After Pull:

  1. yarn install

Additional step (for iOS): 4. cd ios 5. pod install 6. cd ..

  1. react-native run-ios / react-native run-android

Project information:

  1. React Native v.0.63.0

Packages Include:

  1. Native Base v.2.13.12
  2. React Native Vector Icons v.7.0.0
  3. React Native Image Crop Picker v.0.32.2
  4. React Navigation v.4.4.0
  5. Redux (Includes: react-redux, redux, redux-logger, redux-thunk)
  6. React Native Maps v0.27.1
  7. React Native Camera v3.31.0
  8. React Native Global Props v1.1.5
  9. React Native Async Storage v1.11.0
  10. React Native DateTimePicker v2.6.0
  11. React Native Net Info v5.9.4
  12. Moment.js v2.27.0

Included Examples:

  1. Navigator Examples
  2. Redux Action & Reducers Example + Redux Store Configuration
  3. Separate Styles Example

Custom Libraries:

  • Language Helpers for multi languages app support Code Example:
   * Load / Display registered label
  import lang from 'path/to/Helpers/Language';

  render() {
      <Text>{ lang('title.home') }</Text>
   * Set current language
  import { setLanguage } from 'path/to/Helpers/Language';

    changeLanguage() {
   * Get current language
  import { getLanguage } from 'path/to/Helpers/Language';

    getCurrentLang() {
      let currentLang = getLanguage();
If you want to add another language (eg. French), here the steps:<br>
1\. Create file `fr.js` with JSON variables inside Folder `Helpers/Language`
    export const encoding = 'fr';
    export const lang = {
      label1: 'Label 1',
      nestedLabel: {
        label2: 'Nested Label 2'

2. Import fr.js to Helpers/Language/index.js

import * as french from './fr';

3. add french into availLang's array

export const availLang = [

4. Ta da, your new language is available to be displayed

*   Hooks helpers, helper for your own custom functions
    Code Examples:

  // Import all
  import * as Hooks from 'path/to/Helpers/Hooks';

  let myValue = Hooks.yourCustomFunctionName(yourParams);
  let myOtherValue = Hooks.yourOtherCustomFunctionName(yourOtherParams);

  // Or

  import {
  } from 'path/to/Helpers/Hooks';

  let myValue = yourCustomFunctionName(yourParams);
  let myOtherValue = yourOtherCustomFunctionName(yourOtherParams);
  • Session Helpers, use to store detail of current session Code Example:
  // Always Prepare Session when the app is started (usually in Splash Screen)
  import * as Session from 'path/to/Helpers/Session';

  Session.prepare().then((sessionData) => {
    // Do something with existed sessionData
  }).catch((err) => {
    console.log("Session Prepare Error", err.message);
  // Set Session Value
  let yourValue = 'my Name is Ajul';
  Session.setValue(Session.YOUR_KEY, yourValue);
// Get Session Value
let myName = Session.getValue(Session.YOUR_KEY, 'default value');
  • Http Helpers, to handle Http Requests Usage Example:
  import HttpRequest from 'path/to/Helpers/Http';

  let myRequest = {
    link: 'myapi/endpoints',
    method: 'POST',
    data: {
      id: 1,
      name: 'my name is'

  HttpRequest(myRequest).then((response) => {
    // Do something with the response
  }).catch((error) => {
    // Do something with the error

Download Details:

Author: brian-AyooDev

Source Code:

react-native react mobile-apps

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