Jerod  Durgan

Jerod Durgan


Ingress with Treafik on K3s

This post is a tutorial on how to expose a website hosted with nginx by using the K3s built-in ingress controller “Traefik”.

It is based on my last post

The result of this post was an “empty” cluster without any “useful” services. In my first post on installing K3s I have created an ingress controller based on HAProxy. At that time I was not aware that K3s already comes with an ingress controller all up and running.

This time, four resources are needed

  • Config Map
  • Deployment
  • Services
  • Ingress

The config map is a quick and dirty way of making it possible for nginx to access the html-file. It is not a clean way of hosting a website and is used just for this purpose.

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Ingress with Treafik on K3s