Enabling Video Streaming for Remote Learning with NGINX and NGINX Plus

Enabling Video Streaming for Remote Learning with NGINX and NGINX Plus

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning via video has become the new normal for many educational institutions. Here we show how to set up live video streaming using NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus. Get step-by-step instructions in two embedded video demos.

I was thrilled when F5 announced the purchase of NGINX a year ago, because as a longtime F5er, I knew NGINX was a perfect fit. That feeling was confirmed when, in one of our first joint meetings, NGINX employees discussed something deeply important to me: their commitment to the “community”. Since joining the NGINX team as a product manager, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing that commitment in action and gotten to work more deeply with the community.

The NGINX Community Is Coming Together During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Those of us working with open source typically use “community” to describe people who support an open source project by submitting code. While important, they are only a small part of the NGINX community. Who, then, are the other members of the community? We also value those of you who:

  • Use NGINX in the projects you share on GitHub
  • Rely on NGINX to securely deliver sites, apps, and APIs to your users
  • Write blog posts on installing and using NGINX
  • Help NGINX users on public forums

In recent months, members of the NGINX community have truly come together to support each other and the many organizations struggling to maintain operations during the COVID‑19 pandemic. Many of you have flagged sites that might benefit from NGINX software, or even donated time and expertise on how to tune NGINX for optimal performance. In an effort to do our part, we’ve published Free Resources for Websites Impacted by COVID‑19, and have been excited to see the community rally around new NGINX users.

As part of our efforts to help organizations cope with increased traffic and add new functionality, we’ve been providing up to five free instances of NGINX Plus to organizations on the frontline of the pandemic. That has included medical providers, government offices, and – most relevant to this blog – schools, universities, and education‑focused non‑profits. We detected a trending use case among these organizations that probably won’t surprise you: streaming video!

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