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Why Grocery & Food Delivery App When Gojek Clone Offers 82+ Services?

Due to the continued growth of numerous industries, including the IT sector, people are now wealthier but also considerably busier. No longer do they have enough time to do their daily activities, like food shopping. They thus rely more and more on shopping and food delivery services to meet their essential daily or weekly needs. 

Instead of creating two separate specialty applications for food and grocery delivery, why not buy a Gojek clone script that, along with other well-known on-demand multi-services, enables the provision of food, grocery, and other store-based deliveries? In essence, you are offering a virtual marketplace where your customers may choose the shops in their communities and place one or more orders.

Leverage Ample of Benefits Having Food, Grocery & Other Store Deliveries

  • It helps you scale your business at minimum costs

No matter how big it is, a store can only accommodate so many patrons. Your profitability will suffer as a result of the expense of opening new locations or renting out current ones. The likelihood of success will also be minimal. You can increase your reach, conversions, and business volume by developing an app for grocery, food, and other store deliveries and marketing the app over various social media platforms. Since your customers will place their orders from their homes and the store's limited capacity for accommodations won't be an issue. 

  • Zero errors with the operations

According to the proverb "to err is human," people do occasionally make mistakes. However, mistakes are nonexistent once you create a ready-made online grocery delivery app. Customers can buy anything offered on the app with only one click because of its simple navigation.

  • Numerous payment options

Customers can pay in a variety of methods, including food and grocery if you create an online business. There are numerous built-in payment options in the app. Users can also save "Multiple Credit Card" for simple use and payment.

Users can easily schedule appointments and submit orders. You have complete control over the inventory thanks to the admin panel. The automatic notifications enable store owners to manage all past, present, and future stocks. 

  • Do business 24/7

You will have customers coming in for several store-based deliveries and not only for food and grocery. You can have unlimited stores as a marketplace and do business 24/7. Customers can easily make reservations for items at any time and from any location by developing an app for their grocery store. It's simple for you and the customer to deliver and get things on time thanks to a feature that lets you reserve a time slot for delivery.

  • Improves brand and reaches awareness

You may easily advertise your company, following your needs, on various social media channels by developing a Robust Gojek-like App. Increasing your reach and even obtaining high conversion rates as a result of more app downloads.

You can quickly increase the number of local stores and you can observe an increase in business volume. If you're interested in learning how much it will cost to design an On-demand Multi-services Delivery app for your Online Business and have an understanding of why this is vital, get in touch with us. You may rely on us as the leading firm GojekClone in India developing grocery delivery apps to provide top-notch service.

In Conclusion

One and only all in one smart app that called Gojek, connects customers and multi services together. This platform offers a huge range of services with just single tap on a smart device, includes couriers, maids, massage, and other services in addition to transportation. Therefore, creating a Gojek clone app enables quick access to various services that were first introduced in the neighborhood.

Once you've decided to build a super app like Gojek, you have a few options, including making a preliminary strategy and approaching an on-demand app development business. Have a quick look at the functionality and features of our Gojek App Clone right away if you're wanting to create an app that is comparable to a Super App.

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Why Grocery & Food Delivery App When Gojek Clone Offers 82+ Services?

Cost to create a food delivery application similar to UberEats?

Food ordering and delivery from the app are becoming our daily habit, especially in urban cities. The need for food delivery has also increased because the restaurant dine-in is not preferred by most individuals in times of Covid-19. So to enjoy delicious food from their favorite restaurant they can just order it from the app and get it delivered at home in under an hour.

Want to serve foodies with a food delivery app?

Hire experienced Food Delivery App Development Agency WebClues Infotech. With past experience in developing similar apps like Foodie, Edge Smart, MyOrde, etc. WebClues Infotech also offers its expert guidance to new start-ups in developing a Unique Food Delivery App.

Want a detailed guide on How to Develop a Food Delivery App like Uber Eats?

Read more about Food Delivery App Development -

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Cost to develop a food delivery app like Zomato?

Food Delivery through the app segment is seeing a constant increase in revenue because the only option for an individual to enjoy favourite food from the restaurant is by getting it home delivered from an app like Zomato.

Do you want to develop a Food Delivery App like Zomato?

With past experience in developing multiple food delivery apps, WebClues Infotech has the required skills, knowledge, and experience for developing a food delivery app like Zomato. With a development team that stays updated with the latest technologies regularly, WebClues Infotech has got everything an app development agency must possess.

Want to know more about Food Delivery App Development?

Visit us at

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Choose Gojek Clone App Source Code for Developing the On-Demand Multi-Services App

In modern-day life, managing day to day activities is quite hectic for people and an on-demand multi-services app comes as a solution for this problem. This has made everything simpler as people can avail of any services in a single platform with a few taps on their smartphones.

Do you want to plunge into the profitable on-demand multi-services industry? Yes, it is the right time and you can prefer using the Gojek clone app source code for your business. In this blog, let’s take a glance at some of the benefits of developing an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek using the script solution.

What are the benefits of developing the on-demand multi-services app using the Gojek clone script?

Most entrepreneurs prefer the Gojek clone script to develop the on-demand multi-services app as it has numerous benefits for a business. A few of them are as follows.

Quick launch

Well, the Gojek clone script is a readily available solution that has been tested for quality for launching the bug-free app on the platforms. Therefore, you can launch the on-demand multi-services app within a week.


Gojek script is the replica of the original version of Gojek. Developing an on-demand app using this solution does not cost much and it is budget-friendly compared to building the app from scratch.

Customizable solution

Moreover, the Gojek clone source code is a customizable app solution and so it can be modified based on the individual business requirements. That is, you can add or delete any features that suit your business model.

Scalable app solution

It is known that the white label solution is built using recent technologies. This makes the clone app solution scalable and able to handle it for your business expansion in the future.

Integration with payment services

This can be integrated with various payment gateways so that the users can make payment transactions with ease. Secure payment methods are what the users expect for. They can prefer to pay online via debit card, credit card, net banking, e-wallet, and much more.

Integration with multi-language and multiple currencies options

Never make language and currencies be a barrier to your business. Therefore, it can be easy to integrate your app with multi-language and multiple currencies options. This makes the users comfortable in using the app in their native language and prefer their country’s currency for payment.

Improves customer engagements

The clone app is equipped with the Push notifications and in-app chat features that help to increase user engagements. You can let your users know about ongoing offers, new services, featured service providers, loyalty programs, upcoming discounts, and similar details via push notification. Next, offering the in-app chat feature will allow the users to resolve their queries at any time.

Broad customer reach

As the Gojek clone app source code offers multiple services, people can avail of any of the available services with a few taps and there is no need for them to install several apps. Because, more than 50 on-demand services are available on a single platform.

Wrap up

If you are a newbie, entrepreneur, or business owner who plans to get into the on-demand service industry, this is a great opportunity. Grab it and grow your user base with your app built using the Gojek clone source code. With the increased number of smartphone usage, internet users are preferring the app as it is convenient for them.

The app lets you generate revenue from various streams. To be successful in this business, you have to consider the state-of-the-art technologies, friendly user interface & features, simple navigation, and best marketing strategies. Keep this in mind while developing the Gojek clone app. A well-experienced app developer will build a high-quality app solution with top-notch features and cutting edge technology.

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Jessica Smith


Online Food Delivery App Development Company in USA

We make applications that interface restaurants with mobile phones to make life simpler for clients. Food ordering applications serve city-occupants, hostellers, explorers, and so on among different clients. We comprehend the client needs, utilization examples and most recent patterns to outline mobile screens that are both rich in highlights and appearance. This exceptional nature of our group has made us the most client arranged versatile application development company. We work with energetic people, autonomous eateries, new companies, multi-eatery food chains etc to give them our total food delivering application development services. Being a group of dynamic developers, designers, business investigators, advertisers and analyzers we are prepared to work together with you to extend your business reach. Our portable application advancement group is qualified and experienced in making Android, iOS and other half and half versatile and web applications. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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Michael Clark


Complete Guide To Make A Food Delivery App Like Postmates

Food delivery apps are buzzing. With people getting more occupied and technology freak, there is a commendable rise in the food delivery app. Food is integral to humans. So, whatever be the situation, the food delivery app is always in demand. Tyro players of the food delivery business are always inspired by big names of the industry like Postmates, Ubereats, Grubhub, etc to name a few. They aspire to make a food delivery app and enjoy seamless growth opportunities.

Let’s learn all about Postmate and how to make food delivery apps like Postmates.

An Introduction To Postmates:

  • Postmate was founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehman, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street.

  • San Francisco is Postmates headquarters.

  • Initially, it started as a courier service delivering consumer goods to the customers.

  • It was a revolution in urban logistics with a strong logistic team.

  • Postmates integrated technology and a non-standard approach to business. That is everyone can work as a courier which resembles the uber model for drivers partnership.

  • Postmates later started an on-demand food delivery service.

  • Postmates now partners with almost 600,000 restaurants.

  • Postmates covers 80% of the US market of food delivery business.

  • Postmates has a presence over 100 metropolitan areas in the USA.

Read complete Article here :

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