Go: Workspaces

Go: Workspaces

A Go repository typically contains only one module, located at the root of the repository. A file named go.mod there declares the module path : the import path prefix ...

Environment variables store a PATH that points to a specific location on your local machine. In order to process a program in Go, there are two environment variables needed to house the compilation of Go source code. These variables are referred to as GOPATH and GOROOT. Each one stores the location of a PATH needed for the compiler to execute Go source code in a conventional manner.

Navigating these environment variables takes some configuration. You must define the PATH setting in order for them to work properly. GOPATH must point to your Go workspace and GOROOT points to the installation directory.

Various terminals use different delimiters to access these environment variables. Unix-based OS’s — like Mac and Linux — use a dollar sign preceding the identifier —** $GOPATH. Windows Operating Systems use a percent sign on both ends of the identifier — **%GOPATH%.

It is important to note that with the introduction of Go modules in v1.1, the following convention is more flexible. You can now run your Go programs and applications outside of your $GOPATH environment and your code will execute just the same. Nonetheless, I still use this convention as a means of structure and suggest you organize your code as such.


You can download and install Go two different ways. One way is via terminal with brew by running the command:

$ brew install go

To download and install via macOS package installer, visit golang.org and click the Download Go button.

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After it’s finished downloading, navigate to the installer package in your Downloads folder — or wherever you chose to download the files.

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