Understanding GraphQL through REST

Understanding GraphQL through REST

In here, you will have examples of REST API endpoints, how GraphQL queries relate to those REST endpoints, and why GraphQL exists. Learn to understand GraphQL through REST. Let’s get started.

In order to understand why GraphQL is continuing to gain attention, it is increasingly helpful to understand what it was intended to improve upon. One of the beauties of Software Engineering is the constant desire to improve upon what was provided to us. GraphQL tries to do this with REST. By the end, you will have examples of REST API(Application Programming Interface) endpoints, how GraphQL queries relate to those REST endpoints, and why GraphQL exists. Let’s get started.

Understanding REST

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer.

This architecture is known for being stateless and able to separate concern between client and server.


Stateless in this sense means the server does not need to know what the state of the client is to execute an action.

Separation of Concern

Client and server separations allow for developers to change the server without it affecting the client-side code and vice versa.


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