IntelliJ Rust: Updates for 2021.1

IntelliJ Rust: Updates for 2021.1

Previously, debugging for your Rust code was available in CLion and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate only. Take a quick look at IntelliJ Rust: Updates for 2021.1.

This is the first entry we are publishing in a dedicated blog for IntelliJ Rust! Previously hosted on the CLion blog, our articles were tied closely to that particular IDE. From now on, we’ll be describing the plugin’s news and features with regard to all the IDEs it’s compatible with.

Have you already explored the documentation we released a while ago? If not, we encourage you to check it out! It describes the plugin in full detail and also gives some general IDE-related info. Our documentation system is still in active development on both the frontend and the content edge, so your feedback is very welcome! Please share your experience in the comments below or submit an issue in our tracker (we are working on a more convenient solution for collecting feedback on the docs).

Now let’s dive into the updates that have landed in the plugin in this release cycle.


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