Change Notifier & Selector In Provider

Change Notifier & Selector In Provider

Today we are going to talk about Provider inherited widget that is Selector furthermore we will also look into changenotifierprovider


Today we are going to talk about Provider inherited widget that is Selector furthermore we will also look into changenotifierprovider

What is the Selector?

The Selector is a widget that is equivalent to *Consumers *that can filter updates by selecting a limited amount of values and it prevents rebuilds if they don't change.

How to use:

Below I am gonna have a simple example of how to use a selector with a change notifier.

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Example to user Selector

You will need two types, first one is an inherited widget (i.e. you can use _ChangeNotifier_or simple _Provider_as both of them are inherited widget.) _the next type is specific ValueDatatypethat you want to get your child or builder method you can say, then in the parameter,selector:the first one is the context and the second is the inherited widget that you have created ChangeNotifiertherefore we are listening to the change notifier and read the exact property of the object which fits the value data type that we have created ValueDatatype**. _**So if the value herein changeNotifier.valueis an integer then ValueDatatypeis also an integer.

So you could see that Selector is very particular on the data type that it is listening to, Then in the builder:the parameter you have three arguments so the first one you might have already guessed it contextand then the second one the valuethat is returning from changeNotifier and the last one is the child widget, then we will pass in thevalueinto our Text Widget.

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