C#: Putting it all together with a scavenger hunt

C#: Putting it all together with a scavenger hunt

C#: Putting it all together with a scavenger hunt. Let’s go through the major C# 9 features in a single post.

Here we are, friends: our last post in our C# 9 deep dive series. We’ve discussed a lot of topics, so I thought it’d be fun to bundle all we’ve learned into a single post. (You can think of this as a CliffsNotes of the 10,000 or so words I’ve written about C# 9 so far.)

So, let’s go on a scavenger hunt! (I know I have readers from different countries and customs—where I’m from, it’s a fun game where you have to run around outside and find a number of miscellaneous things from a list). So this is how us nerds do it: inside, with air conditioning, geeking out about features that aren’t fully released yet.

I’ll be focusing on the how, not the why—you can see all my other posts for the full details on the concepts.


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