JavaScript Tutorial for beginners

JavaScript Tutorial for beginners

# [JavaScript Tutorial for beginners]( "JavaScript Tutorial for beginners") As a beginner, you wonder what Javascript is, where is it used, how can I learn to program in javascript and finally how can I learn...

JavaScript Tutorial for beginners step by step

As a beginner, you wonder what Javascript is, where is it used, how can I learn to program in javascript and finally how can I learn to implement it in a web development project.

Don't worry we got you a cover! Here we will guide you step by step on how to learn to program in javascript and implement it in your web development projects. This is image title

Why you should learn javascript?

If you are wondering why you should learn javascript then here we have listed few reasons for you.

  1. Most mainstream programming language: Popularity is the main factor that you should learn JavaScript, as indicated by Stack Overflow JavaScript has been the most famous programming language for designers.

  2. The default language of the web: JavaScript is without a doubt the default language of the PC, the vast majority of the wizardry you find in your program is a direct result of JavaScript.

  3. Gives an advanced method to trade information: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) furnishes us with another norm of information trade strategy. In spite of the fact that JSON plays well with any programming language, it does best with JavaScript.

  4. JavaScript is all over: Originally JavaScript was created to make page alive and intuitive however these days there are such countless systems and libraries that you can do nearly anything utilizing javascript: web improvement, versatile application advancement, work area gadgets, Machine learning, IoT, distributed computing, cross-stage applications, worker side programming, game turn of events, illustrations planning and parcels more.

  5. Soaring profession potential: With such a lot of utilization of JavaScript in present-day days it has a high measure of open positions. JavaScript has become a standard pretty much every organization utilizes JavaScript.

Look at a simple program in Javascript to say "Hello World".

console.log("Hello World!");

we will cover you up from basic programming to developing web apps. Follow us and visit the website to learn Javascript 😊

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