Android 11 Features: How it is Going to Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android 11 Features: How it is Going to Impact Your Mobile Application?

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You will be amazed to know about the Android 11 features, and sure you will find it more interesting than how it will impact your mobile application. In this article, you will get detailed information about one of the most favored operating systems that people like to use frequently.

The Android OS by Google dominates the other operating systems with 2.5 billion users around the world. Whenever any news launches about the updates or launching of the new version, the developers worldwide become alert to know about it because it is sure to have an impact on running mobile application projects. As per the recent update, Android 11 latest release is 11.0.0_r35 (RQ2A.210405.006), and it is launched on 5th April, 21. The general availability of this OS is 8th September 2020.

Although Android 10 was one of the most refined versions, expectations from version 11 are more. It has the changes that were left in the previous version. Android development companies in California or the Mobile app development agency, Sydney, are working based on the latest changes to produce highly compatible applications supporting the new phone with Android 11. Before reading the points that reveal how it will impact your mobile application, let us read something interesting about the features.

The Android 11 Features:-

1. 5G Readiness

It is one of the hot-shot technologies for which everybody is talking & discussing. It is one of the top-notch features of Android-11 that it has 5G readiness. It comes up with Dynamic Meteredness that is an API. Due to it, whenever the device detects the 5G signals, it automatically loads graphics and videos in high quality. As per the experts from the Chicago App Development Company, this feature will change the definition of the device.

2. Improved Messaging

It is fantastic to use the new messaging style to read the messages by clicking on the chat bubbles. The existing messages hide in the form of chat bubbles at the corner of the screen, so whenever you click on those, the message will appear. The app developers Atlanta says that as per the survey conducted among their clients, it is one of the appreciating features of Android 11.

3. Built-In Screen Recorder

The long-awaited need by the business people is that their phone must have an inbuilt screen recorder, but due to the unavailability, the user is forced to download externally. Now in Android 11, that problem is solved, and the enabled devices have their recorder. Some of the Android development companies in California are progressing to utilize this feature in their existing projects.

4. One Time Permission Enabled

The expert from the mobile app development agency, Sydney, Oliver says that – “Previously it was one of the difficulties faced by the android users that how to handle the permissions regarding privacy. Even sometimes user have to give permission forcefully such as accessing files from the device but now people are feeling safe with the new feature.” Now the user can opt for the one-time permission to the apps, and whenever they close the app, the authorization will be revoked automatically.

5. Display Compatible

Android 11 supports display compatibility. You can understand it as, in foldable devices display will be smoothly optimized without any force. Till now, there are few foldable devices available in the market, but in the future, they will be readily available for anyone. By keeping in this mind, some of the app development companies in Los Angeles are crafting the ready to launch business apps for new age foldable devices by utilizing this feature.

6. Improved Voice Access

Android 11 supports adequate voice access in comparison to the previous version. It is its beauty that you can use voice access even in the offline mode.

The Impact of Android 11 On Mobile Applications

When Android 11 launched, it is one of the crucial questions asked by the developer community: Chicago App Development Company, App Developers Atlanta, App Development Companies Los Angeles, etc. How it will impact the existing or the mobile applications in the development phase. So, here we will try to simplify it-

Let us begin one by one ultimate revelation:-

Elimination of Data Redundancy

While using the previous versions there, we need to use two apps for downloading the copy of databases. But instead of this, Android 11 uses shared data blocks that cache the large data sets.

Fine App Permission Control

The specialists from one of the Android development companies in California admitted that clients have also felt the difficulty due to the app permission mechanism of old versions while testing the app. Now user can control it easily. Suppose, if the user denies two times to give some permission to the app, then the Android 11 OS will consider it by default as – “Do not ask again.”

APK Installation

In older versions, APK installation takes too much time, but in this new OS, the APK’s installation takes place in the background so the user can continue with other work. That also facilitates better testing by the experts such as the mobile app development agency, Sydney.

The Future

Very soon, the existing mobile technology will be replaced by the 5G technology, and, interestingly, Android 11 is 5G enabled that helps the application developers, for example, Chicago app development company to build or craft the 5G empowered applications for the businesses.

App Usage Statistics

Among several other best features, the new Android 11 saves the usage statistics in an encrypted form that is perfect for data security. Still, it increases the difficulty for the developers. Firms such as app developers in Atlanta need to derive new ways in case of accessing this data.

Data Security

It is one of the essential aspects of Android 11 Features: How it is Going to Impact Your Mobile Application?

One of the prime objectives of Android 11 is to provide the enriched experience of data security. So, for implementing it, the developing team of this new OS empowered it with the feature of one-time permission where user can decide the authorization to access the data by apps as per their choice.

Neural Networking Empowered

Several companies worldwide, such as the app development companies of Los Angeles, are continuously developing Neural Networking-based applications because, soon, the activities will be high. The best part is that Android 11 supports neural networking via API 1.3, enabling the Android 11 devices to run these applications smoothly. It will not only help the users but also the developers around the world.


A significant percentage of this world use Android device, and the Android 11 is a new OS release by Google. There is an appropriate need for mobile applications that can run smoothly on the new device empowered by the new OS. So, the mobile application development companies are focusing on it in the form of new projects by utilizing the power and sound understanding of Android 11 features and its impact on mobile applications.

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