Let’s build a JavaScript Engine in Rust

Let’s build a JavaScript Engine in Rust

Have you wondered how JS engines work? This past year I built an engine from scratch in Rust. It was fun, weird, exciting and sometimes exhausting. I will share my experience as well as what it is like to work on the specification, collaborate with TC39, and lessons from engines in use today.

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A lo largo de la charla descubriremos las características más destacables de Rust, sus similitudes y diferencias con JavaScript y veremos qué aporta Rust al futuro de la Web gracias a WebAssembly. Rust es un lenguaje tipado, rápido y seguro, que ha sido diseñado por Mozilla como lenguaje de sistemas, aunque en los últimos tiempos ha ganado mucha popularidad en el terreno del desarrollo Web gracias a WebAssembly, su amplio ecosistema y gran comunidad

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Rust is a multi-paradigm system programming language focused on safety, especially safe concurrency. In this post, I am gonna present Rust from a JavaScript developer perspective doing some side-to-side comparisons. I hope it will motivate you to give it a try!

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Rust makes the wasm module build a core of itself. You can write and publish your npm module in Rust. You can also install it and run it through most modules bundler, though the popular WebPack is the most documented of them all.

Rust for JavaScript Developers - Functions and Control Flow

Introducing the Rust language to JavaScript Developers. Rust’s function syntax is pretty much similar to the one in JavaScript. Arrow functions are a popular feature in modern JavaScript. Rust has something similar and they are called “Closures”. Rust’s closure syntax is very similar to JavaScript’s arrow functions. In JavaScript, we can use array methods like map/filter/reduce/etc instead of for loops to perform calculations or transformations on an array. In Rust, we can’t directly use map/filter/etc over vectors.