How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Business: Revenue Model & Key Features

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Business: Revenue Model & Key Features

Do you want to know how to start your own grocery online store? Here is a complete guide to build grocery ecommerce website with our ZielGrocery Platform.

Online grocery delivery is the most number one concern for most grocery buyers and sellers. The idea of an on-demand grocery business works on the principle of immediate and fast delivery of the grocery according to the time preferred by the customers.

In fact, online grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) mostly depend on the delivery model to maintain their business.

Start an online grocery delivery business are flourishing around the world. Whether it's groceries on-demand, food on demand, or other services, the on-demand economy is expanding

On-Demand Grocery Delivery Statistics

  • The on-demand economy is estimated to reach a whopping $435 billion in the year 2021 with an annual growth rate of 49%.
  • On-demand food delivery is going to grow by 32% in 2021.
  • A food delivery, grocery delivery estimated to a steep growth curve. As per Statista, on-demand grocery delivery in US will double from $14.2 billion in 2017 to $29.7 billion in 2021.

Why start an online grocery delivery business a good idea?

Yes, the statistics mentioned above clearly show the direction that more and more businesses are ready to put online. The year 2020 was more significant. For obvious reasons and security problems, more customers are ordering online than ever before.

Buyers - A buyers can place an order from home or any other place they get products from grocery shops with in a day.

Sellers – Perishable items, food items, and other grocery products must be delivered within 24 hours. An online grocery delivery business will help local stores sell groceries online and deliver the ordered items to buyers on the same day.

How to Start a Grocery Delivery Business?

To build grocery store like bigbasket or grofers etc, the business model simplifies as picking up the ordered items from the vendor and delivering them to the buyers.

The markets appear lucrative for online grocery delivery businesses for years to come, even after the end of the COVID-19 effect, it is more appropriate to set foot in this direction. If your venture is to become a grocery store owner, considering some professional advice will help set sustain l in a streamlined way.

Legal Entity and Register for Taxes

An essential part of any business is its entity only. Ideally, the main measures to be taken should focus on the registration of the company. Registration for a name, business form, and compliance will help to give form and form to the idea.

Online grocery delivery services must pay taxes for online grocery shopping. There is a sales tax and a services tax that needs to be duly paid, so registering under appropriate accounts to pay these taxes is compulsory even for online grocery delivery.

Finalize your Business Model

Grocery delivery service providers tend to have a large number of wholesalers. That way, they get a broad choice of products. The online grocery delivery business is working on the basic model of fast delivery, usually on the same day, of the grocery store based on customer convenience.

It also makes sense that most of these items that users order under the umbrella of grocery products have a short shelf life. In addition, buyers prefer to get fresh items when it comes to food shopping is concerned. Let's find out how it works –

For individuals and small businesses

Following options for setting up your grocery delivery business and testing the market.

  • Making a deal with a local store to deliver orders to customers. For each order placed, will get a fee. In this option, stores will manage invoices, market services and you will do the delivery work.
  • Now create an account with a wholesaler. Customer orders will be placed and make a profit from it. Customers will provide their shopping list and you need to do the shopping for them.
  • Register for established businesses like Instacart. Make food kit deliveries to restaurants that do not want or have their own delivery staff.

These options are great if you want to start an online grocery delivery business individually. You may reserve a good profit on the deliveries you make. To make it a great business where you have your own grocery app and a team to handle different tasks.

For startups

How on-demand grocery delivery model works

Say you are an online grocery delivery service provider. You are dealing with local or offline grocery vendors that do not offer door-to-door delivery to customers. You're creating a multi vendor marketplace where you listed all the grocery vendors in the locality. The buyers selects the local vendor and orders grocery products from your Online Grocery Ecommerce Platforms (app or website), then you deliver the ordered items to their home.

The second option, just to put the list of items on your app, without mentioning the local vendors. Now a buyers can order the necessary items straight from your app. You buy the items ordered from the local grocery store and deliver them to the customer's home.

In this model, the customer will not know what grocery you are buying the products from. But that should not be a concern as long as they obtain their order at the preferred time.

In third option, let's say you are an offline grocery vendor and decide to start an online grocery delivery business. As a store owner, you add an ordering option to your app. This model is known as a single vendor online grocery business model.

Choose a Readymade Grocery Solution

Starting an online grocery marketplace from scratch involves experts from different backgrounds. Developers to market analysts, and design specialists to business experts, different people have to get involved in different stages to start an online grocery delivery business.

One acceptable solution is to connect with a team of experts who provide a grocery software solution on which to build your business. Choose from the options available based on customization offerings, integration help, and business model building.

A solution that offers fast business support and a reliable partnership for streamlined implementation will propel a business in all directions.

A readymade app is already built and you can directly buy it, as it is or with little minor changes or modifications, from its developer or the E-commerce website development company.

Revenue Model for Online Grocery Delivery Business

There are a lot of ways in which this model can help marketplace owners make their online grocery delivery business more profitable and scalable. Please note that all such methods have their own advantages and conditions. So, let’s talk about the revenue generation model.

Commission-based model

Whether online or offline business, this is one of the oldest and most preferred ways to generate income in the marketplace for all entities such as sellers, business owners.

Subscription Model

Some vendor is not interested to share their commission. In such cases, they can have a fixed membership fee. The subscription period will be varying from monthly to quarterly and yearly subscriptions. This way, vendors do not have to share commissions and the revenue is generated by membership fees.


You may be paid for the seller promotion on your app. The methods include banner ads, sponsored listings, and more.

Features of an On-Demand Grocery Delivery Model Website

There are two steps for the features to be included in a website based on the on-demand grocery delivery business model: the front end, when users did not log in, and the post-login step.

Let's look at the main features of a grocery website from these perspectives.

The Front End

When the end-user has landed on the grocery store website and has not yet logged in, the page they see is the default homepage of the website.

Page Banner

A banner is the prominent idea of the business and a significant asset to the business owner. This part may seem trivia.

The Section below the Banner

In this section, simple where you can and should, put your favorite and grabbing attention attributes

Post Login Features

Here the great deal when a person login into your website. Now let’s keep the owner of the website first, for the owner, the link between the vendor and the customer to deliver the goods.

From the owner's point of view, order tracking, easy management, and push notification are key features to be considered.


Offering multiple stores to your customers is not only good from their perspective, but you can also benefit from varied commission rates set with each supplier.

In this, multiple stores to your customers are not only a good perspective but also benefits from different commission rates set with each vendor.

Cart and Checkout

These essential parts of any eCommerce-based enterprise. Make a cart to the checkout page is a breeze.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is integral to a large user experience.

Multiple Payment

It is vital for an online grocery delivery service provider or any eCommerce store to have multiple payment methods for consumers, making it easy for them to buy.

Order Tracking & Security

By order tracking system stay updated with their order status at all times. Every time your customer shares their information with you, they trust you with its integrity and safety.

Reports and Statistics

The admin must be able to manage daily grocery sales and online delivery operations with an informative dashboard, clearly display the key figures required to make informed and wise business decisions.

Tax, Commission, and Revenue Management

In this, the online grocery delivery marketplace must be ordered & compliant. The admin can able to manage all the accounts efficiently through the platform.


The briefly discussed above should outline some basic expectations and implementation of an on-demand online grocery delivery business. how to create a grocery website like big-basket considering the available options, picking a solution that lands your business in the market as soon as possible.

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