map is not defined React JS

map is not defined React JS

i have a problem maping the component state. i have this export:

i have a problem maping the component state. i have this export:

export default[
    'menu': 'Usuarios',
    'url' : '',
        'title': 'Nuevo usuario',
        'destino' : '/DashBoard'
        'title': 'Actualizar datos',
        'destino' : '/DashBoard'

}, { 'menu': 'Socios', 'url' : '', 'items':[ { 'title': 'Membrecias', 'destino' : '/DashBoard' } ]

}, { 'menu': 'Clases', 'url' : '', 'items':[ { 'title': 'Nuevo usuario', 'destino' : '/DashBoard' } ]

}, { 'menu': 'Productos', 'url' : '', 'items':[ { 'title': 'Nuevo usuario', 'destino' : '/DashBoard' } ]

}, { 'menu': 'Compras', 'url' : '', 'items':[ { 'title': 'Nuevo usuario', 'destino' : '/DashBoard' } ]

}, { 'menu': 'Ventas', 'url' : '', 'items':[ { 'title': 'Nuevo usuario', 'destino' : '/DashBoard' } ]

}, { 'menu': 'Estadisticas', 'url':'/Dashboard' }, { 'menu': 'Reportes', 'url': '/DashBoard' } ]

The menu routes is not defined so assign '/ DashBoard' to all but it is not a problem.

I have the problem when I try to map the state of the component in the following way:

// Dependencies
import React, {Component} from 'react';
import mdata from '../../Data/Settings/MenuDash';

class DropTownMenu extends Component{ constructor(){ super(); this.state={ data: mdata, } } render(){

  <div className='DropTownMenu'>
    {,i) =>
      <div key={i}>
      <span>{, i)=><span key={i}>{todo.title}</span>)}</span>



} } export default DropTownMenu;

use the 'span' tag just to test this I have to implement it as a list, but I'll take care of that. the question is that this does not give me errors in console but if in the browser, those errors are the following: 

my english is not very good apologies for that.

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