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Most Popular Checkers 3D Board Games | Classic Board Games of All Time

That is right, we are going to be talking about the most popular 3D board games!

For those that may not know, a board game is a game where you need to move pieces from one part of the board to another.

So the word popular creates an issue like it does in the other posts. However, we can be more subjective with this topic, because people must purchase the board game, unlike speaking a language or watching a movie for free.

We can look at best-selling board games to help determine the most popular board games.

I would like to start with a bit of history to discuss the first recorded board game.

The first board game comes to us from Egypt in the year 3500 BC. The game was called Senet. The object of the game is to move all of your 5 pieces off of the board using Senet sticks as a type of two sided dice.

The number #1 board game is Chapayev2: 3D Checker Board Game

Checkers board game is the new game in the market. With this game, players will test their logic skills—Challenge friends in this fun and will feel the adrenaline rush to win.

The graphics and sound of this game will bring joy and excitement to you. This game appeals to all people of all ages and genders.

The 3D design of the board with a realistic rotating effect will give you an incredible feeling of being there in front of the board when playing this exciting game.

Moreover, this game comes with various features that will make your experience with it even better. These features include a leaderboard, playing against the AI while testing your logic skills, play with friends in the multiplayer tourney,s and much more. You can also improve your strategic skills through this game.

Overall, this is a fantastic game that will provide players with the enjoyment they are looking for while enhancing their decision-making skills.

Why do users love Chapayev 2: The Classic 3D Board Game?

There are many reasons for this great success. Our team is passionate about games, and we keep on improving Chapayev 2.

Players can play against their friends or AI, unlike other mobile checkers game apps out there! We’ve been focusing on adding new exciting features and improving the overall gameplay instead of just releasing the same checkers’ board over and over again.

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As a result, we have built a strong fan base around this game, which has helped us stand out from the rest of the competition! We’ve been consistently working towards creating an engaging user interface that allows users to have an immersive experience when playing their favorite games! The graphics have been custom designed to feel like they’re playing in front of a real checkers board designed especially for this game!

1. The game has a stunning 3D design.

2. It was designed so that people of all ages and genders can play it.

3. It comes with so many features that will make your experience with it even better.

4. This game is safe to play, so there is no need for any worries about viruses or malware.

5. The user-friendly interface will enable users to quickly learn the game without reading through many user guides and manuals.

Chapayev2 has received good reviews. Based on the overall average of Chapayev 2, it’s rated 4.8 stars out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

The game is 100% free for you to download and play.

Download Chapayev 2:         

1)  Google Play  

2)  App Store 


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Most Popular Checkers 3D Board Games | Classic Board Games of All Time
Jones Brianna

Jones Brianna


Why You Should Design Your Own Board Game App?


The dice, decks and game board are built with pixel art and you can design any game imaginable with your creativity. You can design a brand-new board game app or innovate your favourite game. You can design crazy games or role-playing maps with your art. You can play it online with your family and friends in your private game room in real-time.

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Tamale Moses


Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios respectively improved time on Visual Studio 2019

The C++ team at Visual Studio has delivered substantial build and link time improvements throughout Visual Studio 2019. This blog is Part 2 of a series of blogs showcasing real-world results of our efforts. See how the Gears 5 team benefited from iteration build time improvements in Part 1.

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Lakshya Pareek

Lakshya Pareek


How to Create a Successful Gaming App?

How to create a game app is a comprehensive guide, explaining the entire process of creating and publishing games for iOS and Android. Covering all the essential information a budding game developer needs to know.


Read More - https://www.brsoftech.com/blog/how-to-create-a-game-app/


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Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma


Top 7 Features of Board Game Development

Board games are the most played traditional games and with the advent of technology it has become easier to play, even you can play them with friends and family anywhere and anytime with the help of a smartphone. 

There are a lot of board games that are widely accepted and people enjoy them a lot, but few of them are ruling the gaming market due to their innovative features and unique concepts. Gaming entrepreneurs are also showing their interest in it and making more investments in board games. But always keep in mind only unique features and functions can help you to reach global users and generate high revenue. So, in this article, we will discuss the must-have features of board game development and try to incorporate these features into your gaming app to make it successful. And for that, you can also take the help of a board game development company. 

Before diving in, let’s know the popular board games.

Top 10 Popular Board Games 

Here are the board games that are very popular and in high demand.

  • Chess
  • Monopoly
  • Carrom
  • Snake and ladders
  • Checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Blocks
  • Go
  • Risk
  • Sequence

Now, let’s know about the popular features of board games that are making them so much popular and widely accepted. 

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Features of Board Game Development

There are numerous board games that are available in the market to entertain you. Each game has unique ways or features to entertain, enchant and support players. But there must be a few features that should be included while you are going for board game development. Features and functionalities of games are playing a vital role in their success. 

Here are the features of Board Game Development

  • User-friendly Interface 

If you want to attract players to your gaming platform and want to engage them for a prolonged period of time, then it is vital to create a user-friendly interface where users can easily access and navigate your gaming app. The easier the interface, the more users will show their interest in your game platform. The game interface should be designed and developed in a manner where all features and functions should be used without facing any issues. Always focus on creating a simple and rich feature-oriented interface where users can enchant themselves by playing games. 

  • Payment Integration 

Players always look for a board game where they can make their payments easily and safely. A reliable and safe game platform is always demanded by users. That’s why always make proper research before you are going to implement payment methods, make sure what kinds of payment methods are used by your target audience, and according to that implement payment methods that are widely accepted and appreciated. 

You can also take the help of a board game development company to implement payment methods in your board game platform. 

  • Refer and Earn 

Refer and earn feature is beneficial for both players and owners because this feature allows users to share board game applications with their friends and family to join them to play and earn rewards. In this, players get various kinds of rewards and in-game rewards points that help them to be superior in the game and they can also buy gaming assets in the game, and on the other hand, game owners get more users to their platforms. This has become the best way to attract new players to their board game platform. 

  • Live Chat 

Live chat is the latest trending feature that allows players to communicate with their opponents and team members in real time. With the help of this feature, they can discuss games, can share their game-winning strategies with their team members, and even can contact their opponents. After contacting each other, players can make a better decision that leads them to win the game, and interact with each other while playing games. If any players face any issues, they can be solved in real-time. 

  • RNG System

RNG is referred to as Random Number Generator and plays a significant role in the board game. The RNG system is used to generate random outcomes based on algorithms. This feature makes your platform more genuine and removes the game manipulations and biases that may occur during the game. It not only improves the game but also creates trust among players for the game platform. 

RNG has become a must-have feature in board games due to its specifications. You can also incorporate the RNG system into your game platform with the help of a game app development company

  • Customer Support

This feature helps players stay engaged with the game platform for a long time period. So, always make special attention to customer support features. If a player faces any kind of difficulty or issues while playing games, then it should be solved at the same time. So, your customer support team should be technically sound and they must be able to remove all issues at the same time. 

The more you focus on customer support services the more you will be able to make an impression on your players and that will help players to take more interest in your game platform. 

  • Cross-platform compatibility

To target all kinds of users at the same time your board game app must be compatible with all platforms. If you opt for a single platform, then you would have a limited scope because you will be able to target particular genre users. But if your game app has the feature of cross-platform compatibility, then you can target all platform-based players at the same time.

Cost Deciding Factors of Board Game

The more features, the more will cost. Apart from the above-discussed features also count the below-given features that decide the cost of a board game. 

  • UI/UX
  • Location of the development team
  • Technology Stack
  • Availability of emoji and sticker
  • Features of the Application
  • Marketing Cost
  • Testing

Advantages of Starting a Board Game Business

If you are going to invest in board games, then here are the benefits:

Final Word

To make a successful online board game you should be aware of its features and functions like what is trending in the market and how we can fill this gap. Your game app should introduce something innovative that does not exist in the market and that is new to the users. Because users always crave for new features and functions-oriented gaming platforms where they can enchant themselves by playing games with the latest tech stack and trending features. 

You can also take the help of a Ludo game app development company to make your game platform more feature rich.


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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


Game Development with .NET

We’ve launched a new Game Development with .NET section on our site. It’s designed for current .NET developers to explore all the choices available to them when developing games. It’s also designed for new developers trying to learn how to use .NET by making games. We’ve also launched a new game development Learn portal for .NET filled with tutorials, videos, and documentation provided by Microsoft and others in the .NET game development community. Finally, we launched a step-by-step Unity get-started tutorial that will get you started with Unity and writing C## scripts for it in no time. We are excited to show you what .NET has to offer to you when making games. .NET is also part of Microsoft Game Stack, a comprehensive suite of tools and services just for game development.

A picture of a game controller

.NET for game developers

.NET is cross-platform. With .NET you can target over 25+ different platforms with a single code base. You can make games for, but not limited to, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mixed reality devices.

C## is the most popular programming language in game development. The wider .NET community is also big. There is no lack of expertise and support you can find from individuals and user groups, locally or online.

.NET does not just cover building your game. You can also use it to build your game’s website with ASP.NET, your mobile app using Xamarin, and even do remote rendering with Microsoft Azure. Your skills will transfer across the entire game development pipeline.

logos of some gaming platforms supported by .NET

Available game engines

The first step to developing games in .NET is to choose a game engine. You can think of engines as the frameworks and tools you use for developing your game. There are many game engines that use .NET and they differ widely. Some of the engines are commercial and some are completely royalty free and open source. I am excited to see some of them planning to adopt .NET 5 soon. Just choose the engine that better works for you and your game. Would you like to read a blog post to help you learn about .NET game engines, and which one would be best for you?

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