Using Dependency Injection with Express

Using Dependency Injection with Express

Blog post to use Dependency injection in JavaScript. Dependency injection is a very powerful tool that allows use to dependency our application. Using Dependency Injection with Express.

I recently did a blog post on using  Dependency Injection in JavaScript. This technique comes in handy, and can be really useful when using web application frameworks like Express.

Express makes it very easy to inject dependencies into your web application through middleware or into individual routes. In my Express applications when I need a dependency, I inject it directly into a route by injecting it as a service on the request object. But before we do that, let’s break our app up into different modular components.

The Service

For the first part of this application, we will create the actual HTTP requests using the  axios library. We will make these requests asynchronous.

// dataservice.js
import axios from 'axios';

async function getVehicles() {
    const results = await axios.get('');

async function getPlanets() {
    const results = await axios.get('');

async function getStarships() {
    const results = await axios.get('');

export { getVehicles, getPlanets, getStarships };

I am using the Star Wars API for my example. I have created three functions for getVehiclesgetPlanets and getStarships. These methods are using the async/await syntax, which will allow them to be used asynchronously by the module that imports these functions.

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