Introducing Mito — How To Generate Pandas Code While Editing a Spreadsheet

Introducing Mito — How To Generate Pandas Code While Editing a Spreadsheet

Introducing Mito — How To Generate Pandas Code While Editing a Spreadsheet - Are you new to data science with Python and Pandas? If so, Mito can help. It's a free point-and-click GUI tool for Pandas that writes the code as you edit a spreadsheet.

Is this free point-and-click GUI for Pandas any good?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. I don’t have any affiliation with Mito or the creators of the library. The article shows an unbiased overview of the library, intending to make data science tools accessible to the broader masses.

The world of data science tools and libraries is becoming (or already is) saturated. It’s difficult for anything new to gain traction without a massive wow-factor. That’s where Mito caught my attention.

The idea behind the library is simple — you edit the dataset as a spreadsheet, and Mito automatically generates Python Pandas code. _Is it any good? _Well, yeah, but continue reading for a more profound overview.

This article is structured as follows:

  • Installing Mito
  • Dataset Loading
  • Adding and Removing Columns
  • Filtering and Sorting Data
  • Summary Statistics
  • Saving and Loading Analyses
  • The Verdict

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