Debug angular App Efficiently with The Right tools and Stop using Console.log

Debug angular App Efficiently with The Right tools and Stop using Console.log

Debugging strategies and tools

Debugging strategies and tools

There are always bugs in applications. That’s why debugging skills are essential, and every tool to accelerate this process would be welcomed, Nah?

In this article, I'm going to expose my debugging strategies. They are mainly based on my own experience. Next, I’ll list the tools I usually use. And finally a bonus

Feel free to let me feedback to enrich those thoughts and tools in the comments section ;)

Ready, let’s go!

Debugging strategies

What’s going wrong?

Determining what’s the problem is already half of the solution. You need to understand the problem and have a clear idea in your head. Is it an error when triggering an event? Or is it an unexpected value or behavior? Whatever it is, we need to know when the error pops up? Where? And determine a global area.

There are mainly two types of issues:

  • An error is displayed on your console.
  • Strange behavior or unexpected behavior

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An error is displayed on your console:

This is generally less complicated. The console is already giving you a hint. All you need is to understand the error and find what triggers the error.

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