jQuery Ajax CRUD in ASP.NET Core MVC with Modal Popup

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use jQuery Ajax for ASP.NET Core MVC CRUD Operations using Bootstrap Modal. With jQuery Ajax, we can make HTTP request to controller action methods without reloading the entire page, like a single page application.

Audit .NET/.NET Core Apps with Audit.NET and AWS QLDB

The post will introduce you to the auditing framework Audit.NET and how to create audit trails of .NET/.NET Core applications using AWS QLDB. Get an introduction to monitoring .NET and .NET Core applications with the auditing framework Audit.NET and AWS Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB).

MVC User Registration & Login with ASP.NET Core Identity

In this article, we will discuss the quickest way to use ASP.NET Core Identity for User Login and Registration in a new or existing MVC application.

Running WordPress on ASP.NET Core with Peachpie

In this article, you will learn how to use or integrate WordPress in ASP.NET and Running WordPress on ASP.NET Core, without PHP, or any source files on the server. The following demonstration will show you how to add WordPress as a frontend to an existing ASP.NET Core application step by step.

Asp.Net Core MVC Bangla Tutorial - 04 (Beginners To Expert Level)

ASP.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-based web apps on Windows, macOS, or Linux. ASP.NET Core provides the fol...