How to Write a Case Study

How to Write a Case Study

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Case studies are articles that demonstrate how a situation was identified and how a solution was chosen to resolve the problem. In addition, case study writing includes a summary of the results of the study in order to demonstrate whether or not the method of treatment was successful. By learning how to write a case study effectively, others in a similar situation can determine whether or not the treatment method may be a good choice when they write a case study on marketing, public administration, autism, business, nursing, etc. More information at the coursework writing service.

Case studies can be written in a variety of fields, from IT to psychology and everything in between. Ideally, the study should be kept short yet detailed and should not include opinions. Rather, it provides factual information regarding what took place.

Regardless of the subject area, a case study should be broken into three sections: the problem, the treatment implemented, and the results. When describing the problem, care should be taken to grab the reader's attention. This is best accomplished by making the problem meaningful to the reader. The more specific the issue being addressed, the more likely your readers will find the case study writing to be meaningful and the more respected your results will be.

After detailing the issue that is being addressed, your case study should then discuss how you addressed the issue. For example, if the problem being addressed by the case study is a child with ADHD and how he functions in the school setting, your treatment plan may involve utilizing behavior modification strategies. If this is the case, you will need to detail the specific behavior modification strategies you used.

In order to thoroughly write a case study, you will need to acquire a great deal of data before implementing treatment, as well as afterward. In addition, you will need to focus on specific areas. With the ADHD student, for example, you might gather data regarding how often the student speaks out in class or leaves his or her chair without permission. After implementing treatment, you will then need to gather new data so you can compare the two. As such, your case study should include graphs or other graphic representations of the data you gathered. Furthermore, all of the data must be measurable and observable.

The purpose of writing a case study is not meant to "sell" someone on a certain form of treatment, though some businesses do write case studies as a means of proving that their products or services are effective. Rather, a case study should simple present the facts in a measurable way. These facts include a description of the problem, specifics regarding how the problem is being treated, and detailed information regarding the effects of the treatment.

Case studies may also include a summary detailing the conclusions that can be drawn from the study. These summaries should also be factual in nature. For example, the summary might state, "Prior to treatment, the student left his seat an average of 10 times per class period whereas he left his seat an average of 5 times per class period." Based on these statements, the reader can be left to draw his or her own conclusions. Prepared by David Monk based on essay help on time.

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