The Art Of Cherry Picking in Git

The Art Of Cherry Picking in Git

Cherry picking is the act of picking a commit from a branch and applying it to another. How to cherry pick but not on how cherry pick works internally. We required cherry pick at the very first place ? The Art Of Cherry Picking in Git.

Git never ceases to amaze me. The amount of thought process which had gone into it and how it works is amazing. Now a full disclosure is that I won’t be explaining or even exploring as to how git works under the hood.

This story would rather address how to cherry pick but not on how cherry pick works internally.

The very first question is what might be the reason that we required cherry pick at the very first place ?

Suppose you’re working on an open source message queue system for distributed computing ( or just assume whatever you’re working on.. ) and after a certain time, the community decides to create a stable product out of it.

So that’d mean only the features which have been well tested and soaked in the community code-base will make way to the product code-base. Now in open source terminology, the community code-base will be called upstream and the product code-base will be called the downstream. The reason being features will move from community code-base to product code-base like water flowing from upstream to downstream.

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