Backup database to Google Cloud Storage

Backup database to Google Cloud Storage

In this tutorial, we'll learn backup Database to Google Cloud storage. A process to set up periodic database backup to Google Cloud Storage.

A process to set up periodic database backup to Google Cloud Storage

I have a few small websites hosted on the Digital Ocean server. Each of them has a MySQL database and I wanted to regularly set uploading full database export to some independent location outside of Digital Ocean to sleep more calmly. Since my life revolves around Google Cloud, my preference for storage was clear. The goal is to use crontab to periodically run a bash script to execute MySQL database export and gsutil  command to copy a file to the Cloud Storage bucket. To configure the whole process there are several steps involved, which I will describe in this article. I interactions with the Google Cloud project, I am using web UI, although all steps could be done via the command-line interface.

1. Create a Cloud Storage bucket for backups

2. Create a Service Account


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