Laravel “schedule:work” Command

Laravel “schedule:work” Command

The new schedule:work command mimics an every minute CRON Tab and calls schedule:run directly every minute. Let’s look at how this feature works and the benefits of using it.

Laravel has an Ideas Github area where you can use the issue tracker to propose your ideas for future changes to the framework, and a few weeks ago Brian Dillingham threw out the idea to improve how schedule:run works locally. Mainly when you want to test your schedules without dealing with CRON locally.

From this discussion, Illia Sakovich submitted a pull request to add a brand new “schedule:work” command and it’s now merged and in the latest Laravel release.


The new schedule:work command mimics an every minute CRON Tab and calls schedule:run directly every minute, and here is the code that drives it:

public function handle()
    $this->info('Schedule worker started successfully.');

    while (true) {
        if (Carbon::now()->second === 0) {


It’s simple and pretty smart. Basically it keeps running and each minute when the seconds are 0 it fires schedule:run. Then once you are done with your testing just cancel it on the terminal with Ctrl+c.

This will be a big help for testing all your scheduled commands locally.


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