Influencer Marketing: The Power of Social Media to Attract Customers

Influencer Marketing: The Power of Social Media to Attract Customers

To close an effective influencing marketing campaign you need to work with the right social media Influencer. I will guide you to choose right influencer for your Business.

  It is no secret that more than half of the entire world is at a standstill at the moment. Jobs are being lost, economies are crashing, people are condemned to stay indoors, and education, unfortunately, has taken quite a hit as well. All this is as a result of the novel Coronavirus. There is however a remedy for some of the issues brought about by Covid-19, especially in the educational sector, namely, Online Learning. 

  Online Learning can simply be defined as education that takes place over the internet. It involves the act of educating students (and/or pupils) online using features or apps through a connection to the internet. Usually, learners use a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or other devices for their learning. Classes are also held virtually with available forms of communication and interaction between learners and their teachers. 

  During emergency times, such as this, Online Learning can be a very useful tool in preventing a stoppage in learning and other interactive necessities crucial to social and individual progress. It is a shame, however, that many people and governments refuse to make use of online learning (also known as e-learning) to its fullest capacity. The advantages and importance of this medium are numerous. 

  E-learning, as already mentioned, is done through the internet, which means there's no contact, whatsoever, between the learners. This provides a safe means of communication and learning without a risk of further spread or contamination of the virus. 

In fact, Online Learning could be said to be the best alternative for education as it is not only safe, but it ensure that students are able to keep to their learning schedules and prevent a delay in educational advancement.

  Secondly, Online Learning has also being known to be a much less expensive channel of education. Costs like transportation and the buying of school materials are greatly reduced. All that is required to be able to participate in Online Learning is a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection and a conducive space for learning. 

Also, study has shown that it is better to learn in one's comfort zone, such as at home, than at an actual class. Learning at school might be detrimental to progress as it might bring about distractions and chatter that could make it impossible to concentrate on one's studies.

  Thirdly, studying online is quite flexible and accommodates other interests such as hobbies or jobs. It allows students to plan their schedule around their coursework especially when taking an asynchronous class; a class in which the learning time isn't definite and can be accessed at any time.

In a survey conducted by the Learning House, 44% of online students reported improvements in their employment standing, for example by obtaining a full-time job within 12 months of graduation, and 45% reported a salary increase. This means that Online Learning is pliable enough to allow learners to have jobs or engage in the subjects of interests without necessarily affecting their education in any way.

  Online education also leads to an improvement in technical abilities. Online courses, no matter how basic they might be require some sort of computing skills. Students are able to learn the navigation of different Learning Management Systems (LMS) and computer programs. 

The participation skills students learn within their online courses translate to many professions, including creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio or visual materials into assignments, completing online training sessions, etc.

  However, as adequate as Online Learning is, it has some downsides, such as the fact that some people might not possess enough self-discipline to be committed to their studies. Because of the excessive freedom to stop and continue learning at your own pace, learning might not be taken as seriously as it should be, that is, it might get neglected. 

It also requires time management skills and self-motivation. Online Learning also makes it impossible for computer illiterates to learn as it demands skills and abilities related computer processing.

  All in all, during trying times such as this, tools like online learning is imperative for the survival of education and all its faucets. Despite its numerous disadvantages, it is believed to be the best alternative for traditional/face to face interactive learning.

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