Green is the new Black: Saving Amazon Rainforests using AI!

Green is the new Black: Saving Amazon Rainforests using AI!

Green is the new Black: Saving Amazon Rainforests using AI!. Multimodal Noisy Segmentation based fragmented burn scars identification in Amazon Rainforest

InAmazonia, fire is associated with several land-practices. Slash-and-Burn is one of the most used practices in Brazilian agriculture (as part of a seasonal cycle called “queimada”). Whether for opening and cleaning agricultural areas or renewing pastures, its importance in the agricultural chain is undeniable. Unfortunately, this is often the cause of wildfires in forests.

Amazon rainforests are a major reservoir for flora and billions of tons of carbon, release of which can cause a major increase in temperatures. Recent news of wildfires in Amazon therefore, caused major uproar and concern

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