Explore Branches in Git Source Control

Explore Branches in Git Source Control

Explore branches in Git Source Control. We can consider a Git branch similar to a tree branch. Git source control resolves these issues using different branches. The branch in which we want to merge your code in the master branch. Currently, we have a master branch, and the arrow shows the last commit in this branch.

In this 5th article of the  Source Control series, we will explore the concept of branches in a Git source control and GitHub repositories.


We covered the followings topics for source control in the previous articles ( ToC at the bottom):

  • What are Git and a GitHub repository?
  • We covered Git integrations in the Azure Data Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • We initialized a Git repository and synchronized with the remote repository GitHub while making bi-directional changes
  • Understand the Git timeline and its components – Staging area, Working tree, and a repository
  • Useful Git commands
  • Clone repository from GitHub

Branches in Git Source Control

As you know, Git source control takes a project snapshot once we commit the project. You can view the Git timeline to see the different stages and rollbacks to the earlier version in case of any requirement. By default, Git uses the master branch and stores all changes in that branch. We can verify the existing branches using the git branch -a command, as shown below.

Here, we see a Git branch (master) and its corresponding remote repository in GitHub (remotes/RajendraGit/master)

For the master branch, it uses an Asterix(*) to show that we are currently in this specified branch.

Git Source control branch

You might think:

  • Why we require different branches in Git?
  • What is the benefit of using different branches in Git?

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