How to Develop Your Problem Solving Skills As A Junior Developer

How to Develop Your Problem Solving Skills As A Junior Developer

Learn how to develop your problem Solving Skills as s Junior developer. There are many more things you can do to improve your problem solving skills, here are a few ideas: Expand your horizons. You do not need to limit yourself to solving problems at work. Challenge yourself. Build something new. Stand out as a Junior Developer with this 5 step plan

Stand out as a Junior Developer with this 5 step plan

Dear Junior Frontend Developer,

Being good at solving problems directly impacts your ability to code.

A structured approach will not only help you deliver work quicker but means that you always have a plan when people ask. And when you’re just figuring things out, perception is as important as reality.

Monkey Thinking —

I’m a Frontend dev and as I’ve learned about the role I’ve written down the things I wish I’d known when I started.

We’re starting with the basics here, but these articles are designed to help you in real-world working environments, maybe even in your first role.

What we’ll cover

  • Understanding what we’re trying to achieve
  • Getting to know our existing codebase
  • Breaking the problem down into manageable chunks
  • Generating ideas for solutions
  • Communicating with your team

1. First things first — what are we trying to build?

Our goal as a developer is to solve problems. It might be a new feature, fixing a bug or research new technologies and approaches.

Whatever it is, we’re always looking for solutions.

It sounds simple, and it’s almost too simple, but before we even touch a line of code, we need to clearly understand what we’re trying to achieve.

If you’re lucky you’re working in a team with a product manager who is responsible for writing tickets (also called stories/cards/tasks) for you to work on.

If you’re very lucky, they will write “Acceptance Criteria” on the ticket, explaining the check list of things the implementation should achieve to be classed as complete.

For those who don’t have this luxury, we need to write out what the end goal will look like and the requirements we need to satisfy.

This is our end goal.

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