Responsive Login Form with Animated Placeholder Text Using HTML, CSS & Javascript

In this video you will learn to create a responsive login form with animated placeholder text using html, css and javascript.

To animate the placeholder text inside this repsonive login form we are going to use javascript and utilize the focus-within pseudo class selector.

We are going to use label as the placeholder text for the input elements and then we will associate the relevant label with its revelant input element. We are going to further animate these labels so that they work as the placeholder text for the input elements which can further be animated.

You will also learn how you can create a button with animated gradient brackground using css only. You will see the power of viewport units like vmin, vw and vh to make this form responsive.

The main purpose of this video to teach you about creating a responsive form design without using the media queries and leveraging the power of the css variables. Also, you will see how we can move the floating input placeholder text using only CSS and some javascript.

01:12 - Structure for Responsive Login Form with Animated Placeholder Text
03:01 - Creating Gradient Background using CSS for the page
04:02 - Centering the Form Vertically and Horizontally using CSS Flexbox
04:42 - Styling the form and its contents
06:55 - Styling the form input elements using CSS
08:15 - Centering the label placeholder text vertically inside input element
10:05 - Creating Custom Border to bottom of the input field with a Gradient Background
13:08 - Animating the gradient border on the input elements
15:56 - Styling html links and buttons
17:04 - Apply gradient background on the button
18:54 - Animate Gradient button background on hover
20:55 - Creating CSS Circular shapes for the form container background
24:11 - Floating animated placeholder text on focus state using javascript
28:32 - Adding Classes to HTML form container element using javascript dynamically for the focused and filled state
31:04 - Adding a custom border to the input element when input has been filled or it isn’t empty.

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Responsive Login Form with Animated Placeholder Text Using HTML, CSS & Javascript
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