A Collection of the Best JavaScript Array Tricks

A Collection of the Best JavaScript Array Tricks

A Collection of the Best JavaScript Array Tricks: Cloning an array; Removing duplicates from an array; Merging two arrays; Sorting an array by a property of its objects; Emptying an array; Checking if one array equals another; Remove array elements non-destructively

Plenty has changed in JavaScript over the last five years, and the humble array is the perfect example. We used to spend our time writing iterative logic with loops and flags, hunting for values, or laboriously copying elements from one array to another. Now, destructuring, spread syntax, and a neat set of modern methods that use function-based processing. Applied well, these features can help us write clearer, more concise code — code that’s more likely to survive future cycles of development without accruing difficult-to-spot bugs. Applied poorly, and it’s just a mishmash of new buzzwords and old habits.

Recently, I’ve written about my work to update some creaky JavaScript from years past. Surprisingly, modernizing the array-handling code has been the most fun. Here are some of the techniques I’ve used.

  1. Cloning an array
  2. Removing duplicates from an array
  3. Merging two arrays
  4. Sorting an array by a property of its objects
  5. Emptying an array
  6. Checking if one array equals another
  7. Remove array elements non-destructively

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