What's new in the go 1.15

Go announced Go 1.15 version on 11 Aug 2020. Highlighted updates and features include Substantial improvements to the Go linker, Improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, X.509 CommonName deprecation, GOPROXY supports skipping proxies that return errors, New embedded tzdata package, Several Core Library improvements and more.

Writing a SQL Database from scratch in Go: A Database/SQL Driver

Writing a SQL Database from scratch in Go, we'll extend gosql to implement the database/sql driver interface. This will allow us to interact with gosql the same way we would interact with any other database.

How to Build a Pokedex React App with a Slash GraphQL Backend

Take a look at how you can use use GraphQL to create a demo application of a Pokemon Pokedex app with React.

Go + React + GraphQL = A simple Web App

A GraphQL-based Web App written with Go, React and MongoDB. A web application that allows to query programmers with their skills via a GraphQL API. The application is implemented with Go and gqlgen on the backend side and React on the front end side. MongoDB is used as a database.

Writing a Basic API Mask using Go and GraphQL

Learn how to write an API mask in Go, that uses GraphQL to go out and make multiple calls to other APIs. Writing a basic API mask using Go and GraphQL