Must-read NLP and Deep Learning articles for Data Scientists

Must-read NLP and Deep Learning articles for Data Scientists

Check out these recent must-read guides, feature articles, and other resources to keep you on top of the latest advancements and ahead of the curve.

As always, the fields of deep learning and natural language processing are as busy as ever. Despite many industries being hindered by the quarantine restrictions in many countries, the machine learning industry continues to move forward. It seems almost every week, new models are being released, and new startups are showing off AI-powered technologies that will help build a better world. In this article, we will briefly go over some of the biggest recent news in NLP and deep learning, as well as some must-read guides, feature articles, tools, resources, and datasets you may want to check out.

NLP & Deep Learning News

  1. How Deep Learning Can Keep You Safe with Real-Time Crime Alerts

From Nikunj Aggarwal, the Machine Learning Lead at Citizen, this article gives us a great example of how deep learning is being used to create life-changing (or life-saving) technologies. Citizen is an emergency and safety alert app that warns people of incidents and crimes that have taken place in their area in real-time.

Image from [Citizen_](

The company used a speech-to-text engine and a convolutional neural network to analyze first responder radio frequencies. In doing so, the company was able to scale their app to multiple cities in the United States. This technology could mark a huge change in the police and first responder infrastructure in years to come.

  1. The Release of Open AI API

The release of GPT-3 by Open AI was likely the biggest news in the field of NLP this year. However, what many people may have missed is the release of Open AI’s API. The purpose of the API is to give people access to future models developed by the company, including GPT-3. This is big news, as it marks a shift for the company’s normal practices of open-sourcing their models (as they did with GPT-2). In the article, the company explains why they decided to release a commercial product, why they went away from open-source this time around, and how they will control potential misuse of their API.

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