python with docker async def SyntaxError: invalid syntax

python with docker async def SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I have python app in virtualenv that leverage async function calls

I have python app in virtualenv that leverage async function calls

Recently I tried moving my app to docker container, with following Dockerfile:

FROM python:3.7
ADD . /code

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

CMD ["python3", ""]


version: '3'
    build: .
      - .:/code
     - "8080:80"

unfortunately, when trying to run my container with docker-compose up I get following error:

    Starting app_1 ... done
Attaching to app_1
app_1  |   File "", line 31
app_1  |     async def handle_DATA(self, server, session, envelope):
app_1  |             ^
app_1  | SyntaxError: invalid syntax
app_1 exited with code 1

What might be cause of this? As far as I know, from python 3.5 async is built-in in stdlib

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