Josh Clone: Become the Numero uno Social Video Sharing Platform

Josh Clone: Become the Numero uno Social Video Sharing Platform

This blog reveals insights about the trend of short videos being posted in greater numbers by the users on platforms like Josh, the attractive features of the Josh clone, the development methodology, and the total cost of development.

The era of the Big social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is over. We have so many new video sharing applications in the market now that are giving the established players tough competition.

Josh Is One Of The Leading Short Video Sharing Applications Used In India. The Beta Version Of The App Was Officially Launched On September 9, 2020, In The Market. The Platform Is Used Heavily For Brand Promotion, Celebrity Endorsements, And Influencer Marketing.

The interesting fact about Josh’s tremendous growth is that it is utilized mostly in Tier-2 cities than the metropolitan regions. It crossed a landmark 100 million downloads recently and is available in 12 different languages.

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