Kubernetes IDE Lens Adds an API for Cloud Native Extensions

Kubernetes IDE Lens Adds an API for Cloud Native Extensions

Kubernetes IDE Lens Adds an API for Cloud Native Extensions. At this month's KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America, the Lens team launched an extensions API alongside several pre-built extensions from popular cloud native products.

Lens, the integrated development environment (IDE) for Kubernetes, has seen some rapid growth in the past year, ever since it made some changes to its deployment model and found the backing of Mirantis, that company that in 2019 acquired Docker. At this month’s KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America, the Lens team launched an extensions API alongside several pre-built extensions from popular cloud native products, which Miska Kaipiainen, co-founder of the Lens OSS project and senior director of engineering at Mirantis.

“The main motivation for starting to look at extensions was, maybe half a year ago, we were starting to get requests, like, ‘We would like to see if you can build a visualization for Istio, for Traefik, or for Kong?’ So we figured, if we just stick with the core core Lens project and provide the contextual visibility to these Kubernetes primitives, and at the same time provide rich APIs for third parties that want to extend the visualization to these gazillions of technologies, that felt like a good approach,” said Kaipiainen. “We don’t have the resources to start supporting Istio and all these hundreds of different other open source projects. This is how we can actually strengthen the relationship with the entire CNCF ecosystem and the vendors in there.”

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