Data Science Full Course - Data Science For Beginners

Data Science Full Course - Data Science For Beginners

This video on Data Science is a full course compilation that will help you gain all the concepts, techniques, and algorithms involved in data science. Python and R are the primary programming languages used for data science.

Data Science Full Course | Data Science For Beginners | Learn Data Science In 10 Hours

Here, you will understand the basics of data science, such as data munging, data mining, and data wrangling. You will come across how to implement linear regression (2:30:10), logistic regression (3:09:12), decision tree (3:27:04), random forest, support vector machines (5:17:21), time series analysis (7:33:05), and lots more.

You will get an idea about the salary, skills, jobs, and resume of a data scientist (9:00:04).

Finally, you will learn about the important data science interview questions (9:04:42) that would help you crack any data science interview. Now, let's get started and learn data science in detail.

Below topics are explained in this Data Science tutorial:

1. Data Science basics (01:28)

2. What is Data Science (05:51)

3. Need for Data Science (06:38)

4. Business intelligence vs Data Science (17:30)

5. Prerequisites for Data Science (22:31)

6. What does a Data Scientist do? (30:23)

7. Demand for Data Scientist (53:03)

8. Linear regression (2:30:10)

9. Decision trees (2:53:39)

10. Logistic regression in R (3:09:12)

11. What is a decision tree? (3:27:04)

12. What is clustering? (4:35:40)

13. Divisive clustering (4:51:14)

14. Support vector machine (5:17:21)

15. K-means clustering 96:44:13)

16. Time series analysis (7:33:05)

17. How to become a Data Scientist (8:26:54)

18. Job roles in Data Science (8:30:59)

19. Simplilearn certifications in Data Science (8:33:50)

20. Who is a Data Science engineer? (8:34:34)

21. Data Science engineer resume (9:00:04)

22. Data Science interview questions and answers (9:04:42)

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