Top 130 Android Interview Questions - Crack Technical Interview Now!

Top Android Interview Questions & Answers from Beginner to Advanced level. Get ready to crack your next android interview with these android interview questions

Kamalesh Kumar Siddhantam: 5 Places to Look for An IT Professional

Kamlesh Kumar Siddhantam is an IT professional who is catering to all the technical problems with the help of his team. But most of the peo...

5 Python Coding Questions Asked at FAANG

There are four types of programming questions, including Data Structure and Algorithm, Machine Learning Algorithms, Math and Statistics, and Data Manipulation. In this post, I focus on the third type, math and statistics, and live-code 5 Python programming questions asked by major tech companies, particularly FAANG: Question 1: Who wins first? By Microsoft; Question 2: Maximum 69 Number, by every major company; Question 3: Valid Perfect Square. By Facebook; Question 4: Factorial Trailing Zeroes. By Bloomberg; Question 5: Perfect Number, by Amazon

Laravel 5.5 Artisan Console Tutorial

Laravel 5.5 Artisan Console Tutorial. Laravel 5.5 Command Tutorial. It is the utility CLI interface come with Laravel 5.5.

Kamalesh Kumar Siddhantam: Why you Need an Experienced IT Professional?

There is one basic question that why you need an experienced IT professional? Kamalesh Kumar Siddhantam is an experienced and technically skilled professionals and he believes that a technician wit…