New LINQ extensions in .NET 6 and benchmarks

New LINQ extensions in .NET 6 and benchmarks

This post will go through the new LINQ extensions made available in .NET 6. Learn about MaxBy, DistinctBy, FirstOrDefault with default values, and more.

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Syncfusion Visual Studio Extensions Support .NET 5.0 Preview 6

On June 25, 2020, Microsoft announced .NET 5.0 Preview 6. We already promised to provide support for.NET 5.0 for web and desktop platforms in this blog. Now, we at Syncfusion happily announce .NET 5.0 Preview 6 support in the Syncfusion Visual Studio extensions for the following platforms: Blazor WP

New Improvement Of LINQ In .NET 6

In this tutorial, you will learn about the new improvements of LINQ in .NET 6. I want to discuss about one important improvement coming in .Net 6 is support for custom default return values for FirstOrDeafult(), LastOrDefault() and SingleOrDefault(). We know LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a useful feature of C# to retrieve data from different sources like SQL, Datasets, XML, EF, etc. and we all use it on daily basis in the programming world.

.NET 6 LINQ Improvements

.NET 6 LINQ Improvements. Continuing our series on the over 100 API changes in .NET 6, we look at extensions to the LINQ library.

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This year’s .NET Conf was the largest one yet, with over 80 live sessions across three days that were co-organized and presented by the .NET community and Microsoft.